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An important thing to note therefore is that no matter how many birds nests you have in play, none of them will make more birds if you already have two birds. The same goes with Harmony. Only Hives have a limit per hive.


Wait do if I play a second hive while one is in play I don’t get five more stingers?


Hello, ok, I edited my original post about this. You will get stingers until you got 5 from that Hive or until you have 5 per Hive in play. In “normal” situations where you have 1 Hive and 5 Stingers in play and you play another Hive, you get 5 more Stingers.


Hive is interesting
Are mirror stingers part of the limit ? Can you sacrifice mirror stingers instead of regular stingers ?
If opponent mind control your hive what happen to existing stingers ?
Can you “cheat” your way into getting more than 5 stingers per hive ?


Units that are Stingers before considering copy effects count toward the limit. Units that are Stingers after considering copy effects can be sacrificed when your Hive dies.

If your opponent mind controls your Hive, you get to keep your Stingers.

Yes, you can do this by stealing your opponent’s Stingers or by losing your Hive without triggering its “Leaves: Sacrifice five Stingers” ability.


But just to confirm, having 2 copies of Harmony or 2 copies of Bird’s Nest won’t ever get you up to 6 dancers/4 birds? (Because if that were true, then losing nest but not birds, then re-gaining nest, would also get you to 4 birds.)


You can’t get more than 2 Birds without stealing any.


Is Overpower compulsory? Or can I choose to deal all my damage to my target?


Overpower is mandatory. Focus Master will refuse to save patrollers if they are attacked and have some incoming damage reassigned by Overpower or Stampede.


If I use Feral Strike to bring in 2 Blooming Ancients, do they get 1 +1/+1 rune each (each sees the other entering), one of them gets 1 (one sees the other enter after), or do neither get one (both enter simultaneously and not see a creature enter)


My understanding from the extended discussion on Discord that it would be simultaneous, but let’s if see if I understood it correctly.
Why do you ask, I wonder… :wink:


So does simultaneously mean they both see each other (2 Runes) or neither see each other (0 Runes)?


Neither see each other, to my understanding.


They get 1 +1/+1 rune each.


@sharpobject pre-empted me while I was typing :slight_smile: I was going to say that, since it is well-established that 2 Bugblatters dieing at once both “see each other” (as well as themselves), resulting in 4 damage to the opponent’s base, I could not see how 2 BAs being summoned with FS could result in anything other than each getting a rune.


For x units arriving or leaving at the same time, they all see each other arriving or leaving. Another example of this mattering is Captured Bugblatter x2 vs. Judgment Day

  1. What happens if a unit controller by an opponent leaves play (but not goes to discard pile)?

Kidnapping ruling says that dead units go to owner’s discard pile.
I would like to get an official clarification for Rambasa Twins interaction.

Also this question is relevant for Bloodrage ogre.

  1. Another case.
    Is following play legal:
    Kidnapping to Bloodrage Ogre, do not attack, at the end of turn choose to return ogre to owner first, then return ogre to hand.

Kidnapping ruling says that control is regained at the end of turn.
There is a rulling for Ogre that end of turn is end of controller’s turn. And there are several simultenious end of turn effects here
So I’m not sure what is the answer.


I’m not sure I’m understanding either of your questions correctly.

For the first case, if a unit is Kidnapped, and then leaves play and comes back again (due to e.g. Geiger or Prynn maxband, or Second Chances), then it remains under the Kidnapper’s control.

If it’s a Rambassa Twin, then it will try and fetch another twin from the Kidnapper’s Codex. If they don’t have a Twin in their Codex, the ‘Arrives:’ ability will fizzle. If they do, then it will fetch one. At this point, you need to keep track of which Twin is which, because they’ll go to different discard/hand/codexes when they leave play. A Rambassa Twin which is arriving while under Player A’s control will never summon a Twin from Player B’s codex. A similar case will occur if you somehow manage to get an opponents Rambassa Twin in your Graveyard (though e.g. Kidnapping a Twin with Graveyard in play, and trading Twins)

For Kidnapping a BRO, ‘End of Turn:’ abilities will always resolve before effects that last ‘until end of turn’ end. So in this case, there is no choice to make: if you Kidnap a BRO, and don’t attack with it, it will go back to it’s owner’s hand before it returns to its owner’s control.


It owner is not the person who controls the card, owner is the person who started the game with the card. No matter who controls the card, when a card leaves play, it always goes back to the owner. All the cards with effects like returning to hand or codex, etc, explicitly state return to “owner’s” whatever. Otherwise the default is “Dies: This goes to owner’s discard.”

Rambasa Twin specifically calls out “Owner’s Codex” and Bloodrage Ogre specifically calls out “Owner’s Hand”. Therefore, in both cases, no clarification is necessary.


Thanks for answers.

That was this clarification that missleaded me.

In game terms it is after the end of turn when control is regained as I understand it now.