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Returning player looking for matches!


Yo yo! Pumped Aaron in the house! I’m a returning player from 2014! Yomi community seems so sparse lately. I want it to be more active again, grah!


Confirm or deny: are you the basis for one of the monsters in Undertale? :open_mouth:


Welcome back and remember me?


Yeah, when I saw Aaron in Undertale I had the weirdest sort of dejavu ever.


Haha, you’re not saying I’m cooying him, right? I’ve been n Fur Affinity since 2008


Lol are you the guy I got really salty at that one time?


No, I mean in the sense that the character in Undertale is based on you! Friendly guy? Loves to flex? Named Aaron? You have to admit the similarities are uncanny. :heart:


Yup, haha
I’m new here and just need more practice


hahaha. well its nice to have a bit of a player base to work with at anyrate