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Quick Match Battles - Next Battle Jan. 30th @ 6pm EDT


We had some Yomi QM action.

This week I squared off against @ClanNatioy. Here was the match results.

CKR over @ClanNatioy 3-2

All :onimaru: vs :persephone:

I lost the first two games and came back to win the last three. Usually, in this matchup blocking for Oni is generally safe. ClanNatioy destroyed this theory and threw me at every opportunity. It took me until game 3 to adjust. Oni did his thing for the final three matches.


Until next week…


Glad I was able to finally play against you. It was a fun set. Learned a lot about the helpful ways of Persephone.


Quick Match Battles is discontinued. Nailing down a consistent time is too difficult at the moment.