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Puzzle Strike Winter Series

That works

@zeromh , @SirHandsome would either of you want to play this time?

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Sure, put me in if there’s still time!

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I want to play

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Sounds good

Ok, we’re up to 7. Too long for folks to play a swiss? Or is everyone good for 6 games?

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I would like to play as well!

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I would also like to play

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9 players total. Let’s do Swiss -> single elim like we initially planned since we have more people now.

Original post said double elim. Your call, I can do double elm or swiss into single elim. Diminish Swiss takes more work on my part.

Lets do Swiss into single elim. Thanks again

Ok, bracket is made, and first round invites are sent!


is everyone in the discord?

From a tournament adjudication standpoint, there’s not much that @Nopethebard and I can do about confirming failed scheduling attempts if they don’t happen in the scheduling thread.

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First I’ve heard of a discord associated with the tournament.

Is this the scheduling thread?

No, you should have a private message from me to you and your opponent. You should arrange a time in that PM.

Also, I assume you mean the Sirlin Games discord?

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How many games per set? Bo5?

Bucky vs Zak

:chibijaina: :psfist: :pschip: :chibidegrey: (cp: Really Annoying -> Roundhouse)
:chibijaina: :psfist: :pschip: :chibidegrey:
:chibijaina: :psfist: :pschip: :chibionimaru:

Bucky leads the series 3-0, and wins if it’s supposed to be Bo5.

If it’s supposed to be Bo7+, the final bank was:
Bang then Fizzle
Draw Three
Mix Master
One-Two Punch
Combos are Hard
Option Select
Degenerate Trasher

and I guess we can resume with one further counterpick.


Bo5 yeah…