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[PS] Forum Quick Matches - Sign Ups Always Open!


Bucky 3 - 2 Variable
Geiger > Setsuki (Ouch! out, D3 in)
Geiger < Setsuki (Random bank)
Geiger > Setsuki (Jabs out, Custom Combo in)
Geiger < Setsuki (Sale Prices out, Master Puzzler in)
Geiger > Setsuki

Bank 1
Risky Move
Secret Move
Gems to Gemonade
Iron Defense
Ouch! -> Draw 3
Self Improvement
Option Select
Custom Combo
Master Puzzler
The Hammer

Bank 2

Now or Later
Repeated Jabs -> Custom Combo
Sale Prices -> Master Puzzler
Gem Essence
Sneak Attack
Iron Defense
One of Each
Signature Move
Combos are Hard
It’s Combo Time

Methods of victory, briefly:
Game 1 - Ouch! pressure to 7 pile on turn 5, then kill with a 2-crash as the opposing crash gem is in the discard.

Game 2 - Custom Combo -> Iron defense, crash from hand, crash from pile to win exactly through a counter-crash. This landed on the last possible turn before Master Puzzler took over the game.

Game 3 - Gem Essence -> Repeated Jabs + 4-crash vs. 8 pile and no DCG or fork.

Game 4 - Drew entire deck having thinned the deck to 3/4 purples and cantrips, and chained 4 combines into a DCG vs. a fizzle hand.

Game 5 - Master Puzzler beats no Master Puzzler.


Week 11 standings

SuperBronze League (5+ :star:)

Player Points Active
Bucky :star::star: :psfist:
Skiff :star::star: :psfist:

Bronze League (0+ :star:)

Player Points Active
Bomber678 :star::star::star::star: :knockdown:
ZenDog :star::star::star: :psfist:
variable :psfist:
Feebs :knockdown:
Hobusu :knockdown:
Proven :knockdown:

Week 11 matches

Bucky ━━━━┓
          ┑━ Bucky ─────────────┐
variable β”€β”˜                     β”‚
ZenDog ━━━┓                     β”‚
          ┑━ ZenDog ━┓          β”‚
variable β”€β”˜          ┃          β”‚
                     ┑━ ZenDog β”€β”˜
Skiff β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”˜
Skiff ────┐
variable β”€β”˜


can i sign up? i just got the game on the steam summer sale, so i’ll probably get completely destroyed initially, but this seems like a really good game, so i’d love to get the chance to play against real people regularly! 1 question though: how exactly do we schedule matches? i’m guessing through PMs?


Yes, you can sign up, and yes, scheduling is done through PMs. You’ll have your first match next week!


Bucky 3-0 ZenDog
:chibigeiger: :psfist: :knockdown: :chibitroq: ( Mix Master -> One Two Punch )
:chibigeiger: :psfist: :knockdown: :chibitroq: ( Blues are Good -> Roundhouse )
:chibigeiger: :psfist: :knockdown: :chibitroq:

Sale Prices
Thinking Ahead
Blues are Good
One True Style
Mix Master
Dashing Strike
Degenerate Trasher
The Hammer

All three games were variants on One True Style rushdown vs. DCG rush. I supported the rush with Mix Master in the first game, Dashing Strikes in the third, and served it raw in the second.

In game 1, ZenDog timed out and accidentally passed one of his turns, because he tried to ask me for advice. This might well have been decisive; it was the only game where he survived the turn 6 threat.

ZenDog says the second counterpick was an input error and he meant to swap out Thinking Ahead.


In the meantime, I’m available for newbie coaching most evenings. Send me a PM if you’re interested.


Unable to schedule this weeks match with variable, no response.


Week 12 standings

Silver League (10+ :star:)

Player Points Active
Bucky :psfist:

SuperBronze League (5+ :star:)

Player Points Active
Skiff :star::star::star: :psfist:

Bronze League (0+ :star:)

Player Points Active
Bomber678 :star::star::star::star: :knockdown:
ZenDog :star::star: :psfist:
Boogey2003 :psfist:
Feebs :knockdown:
Hobusu :knockdown:
Proven :knockdown:
variable :knockdown:

Week 12 matches

Boogey2003 ───────────┐
Skiff ━━━━━━┓         β”‚
            ┑━ Skiff β”€β”˜
variable β”€β”€β”€β”˜
Bucky ──┐
ZenDog β”€β”˜


@variable, I took you out this week because you didn’t respond, but let me know if you want back in next week.

@Bomber678, @Feebs, @Hobusu, @Proven: Any of you fine folks want back into these here Puzzle Strike games?


I think my life has calmed down enough that I can start rejoining these, though I’ll only join Puzzle Strike this week.


I’ll put you in for week 13 (which is starting next week). I just posted this weeks games.


How do stars work?


The way they’re supposed to work is that when you win, you get 1 star if you won a round-1 match, 2 if you won a round-2 match, and 3 if you won a round-3 match, and you lose 1 star if you lose. However, I see that my code messed something up and didn’t award any stars this week, so I’m going to manually adjust.

EDIT: Ok, should be fixed now.


Skiff 3 - 1 Boogey
:chibionimaru: :pscrash: :pschip: :chibijaina: Signature move -> Knockdown
:chibionimaru: :pschip: :pscrash: :chibijaina: Degenerate trasher -> Ouch!
:chibionimaru: :pscrash: :pschip: :chibijaina: Ouch! -> Bang then fizzle
:chibionimaru: :pscrash: :pschip: :chibijaina:

Just a scratch
Really Annoying
Risky Move
One true style
Risk to Riskonade
Gem to Gemonade
Mix Master
Signature Move >>(Swap#1) >> Knockdown
Degenerate Trasher >>(Swap#2) >> Ouch! >>(Swap#3) >> Bang then fizzle

Was expecting it to be a fast easy win as Boogey said he is new but I had to play my best to be able to win. Bucky has trained him well! :smiley: All games were really close with both players just a turn away from dying all the time. Thank you for the games!


GGs @Skiff! i had tons of fun! i probably should’ve switched to Troq or Setsuki after the first game, but i was just nervous to do so since i had less experience with them than with Jaina. also, maybe i could have played a little more conservatively in general with buying a single extra crash per game in the mid-game if possible, and that might’ve helped. basically, mistakes were probably made, but the set was still tons of fun!


I’m sorry, @vengefulpickle & @Skiff! Put me back in when ye can!


Bucky 3 > 1 ZenDog
:chibivalerie: :knockdown: :psfist: :chibivendetta:
:chibivalerie: :psfist: :knockdown: :chibivendetta:
:chibivalerie: :psfist: :knockdown: :chibivendetta:
:chibivalerie: :psfist: :knockdown: :chibivendetta:

Initial Bank:
Money for Nothing
Sale Prices
One True Style (-> Self Improvement -> Mix Master -> Sneak Attack)
Chips for Free
One-Two Punch
Signature Move
Degenerate Trasher
It’s Combo Time
Master Puzzler

Very interesting MU in which every bank chip was used, though Degenerate Trasher only worked via Master Puzzler.

Game 1: I go for big money and Surgical breaks up all my big buys. I get wrecked by Stunlock and lose to a One True Style, Combine, 2x Crash package.

(One True Style -> Self Improvement)

Game 2: Self Improvement neuters Surgical so I get to Master Puzzler. I also have enough puzzle chips this time to play through Stunlock.

(Self Improvement -> Mix Master)

Game 3: ZenDog gets wrecked by double Mix Master.

(Mix Master -> Sneak Attack)

Game 4: ZenDog gets wrecked by double Sneak attack.


Week 13 standings

Silver League (10+ :star:)

Player Points Active
Bucky :star: :psfist:
Skiff :psfist:

Bronze League (0+ :star:)

Player Points Active
Bomber678 :star::star::star::star: :knockdown:
ZenDog :star: :psfist:
Boogey2003 :psfist:
Hobusu :psfist:
variable :psfist:
Feebs :knockdown:
Proven :knockdown:

Week 13 matches

Boogey2003 ─┐
Hobusu β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”˜
variable ─┐
ZenDog β”€β”€β”€β”˜
Bucky ━━━━━━┓
            ┑━ Bucky ───────────┐
ZenDog β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”˜                   β”‚
Boogey2003 ───────────┐         β”‚
                      ┒━ Skiff β”€β”˜
Skiff ━━━━━━┓         ┃
            ┑━ Skiff ━┛
variable β”€β”€β”€β”˜


Hey @vengefulpickle

Knock me down for a while because I will be on vacation starting tomorrow for two weeks. I’ll inform when I’m back in action.


Done (10 chars)