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19XX - Round 1, snoc vs @wowarlok
Today, 1900 UTC (about 3 hours from this post)


I have to repeatedly punch SouthpawHare in the face in about 3 hours for the 19XX gods


me vs Niijima-san
Lum’s Lucky Lottery
7:30pm Eastern tonight


me vs Southpaw Hare
Tuesday, Sep 18 @ 7:30pm Eastern


Myself vs @FaceOnMars
19XX People Who Didn’t Win’s bracket 1
Friday 22nd Sept 9pm ETD


This will be played half an hour later, due to some unfortunate traffic.


today me vs @Caralad for loser round 1 of LLL,314,6&h=3169070&sts=25099080&sln=21-22&a=preview


DreadLands - Play-in
snoc vs Ivan
Sunday, 24.09.17, 09.00 UTC



FaceOnMars vs. SirHandsome
Wednesday 9:00pm EDT


Thelo and I play tonight, 2 hours from now.


mysticjuicer vs UTRALAW
L u c k e r b o i s
Wednesday @ 8pm Eastern


19XX FaceOnMars vs. variable
Will practicing with each other once a week for the past 3 months make a difference?
Thursday evening 8:00pm EDT


Juushichi vs mysticjuicer
19XX - Winners Round 3
Sunday @ 1pm Eastern


BD Corro vs Thelo

IYL Playoffs Round 2

Sunday after Juushichi and mysticjuicer’s match on the same day (Sunday @ 1pm Eastern)


19XX - SPH vs Ivan
Friday night /or Saturday morning - 4.00 UTC/


IYL 5 - sharpobject vs Ivan
Saturday, 19.00 UTC


mysticjuicer vs Legion
19XX - Winner’s Semifinals
Saturday, Oct 7 @ 1pm Eastern


mysticjuicer vs flagrantangles
LLL - Winner’s Finals
Tuesday, Oct 3 @ 7:30pm Eastern


mysticjuicer vs CloudCuckooCountry
IYL Playoffs - Round 2
Friday, Oct 6 @ 8pm Eastern


Southpaw Hare vs @Fusxfaranto
IYL Playoffs - Round 2
Tonight, 8pm Eastern


mysticjuicer vs Thelo
IYL Playoffs - Semifinals
Wednesday, Oct 11th @ 8pm Eastern