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elimination match
mysticjuicer vs Southpaw Hare
Monday, Aug 7 @ 7pm Eastern


IYL 5 - Round 10 - Morningstar Sanctuary
scymrian v. @variable
Thursday, August 10, 8:00 PM EDT

[Yomi Tournament] IYL 5

IYL 5 - Morninstar Sanctuary
mysticjuicer vs Jadiel
Sunday, August 13 @ 5:30pm Eastern


IYL 5 - Morningstar Sanctuary
scymrian v. CKR
Thursday, August 17, 7:00 PM EDT


IYL5 - Morningstar Sanctuary
mysticjuicer vs Phrawger
Saturday @ 1pm Eastern


IYL5 - DreadLands
MysticDeadman vs Ivan
Thursday, 17.08. - 17.00 UTC


UPDATE: postponed three hours, to 10 PM. Sorry for inconvenience


Sorry if you showed up and we weren’t there: last minute postponement, again. 10 PM Saturday, is the new time!


IYL5 - DreadLands
MR vs Ivan
29.08, Tuesday, 19.30 UTC


@FaceOnMars and myself will be kicking off LLL3 with a bang, today at 5pm BST.


Today, at this hour:,5,6,8&h=3169070&date=2017-9-5&sln=21-22

Me vs @Leontes of LLL Round 1

May the luckiest prevail!


Ahhh I am half hour late


me vs leontes, for real, now!


mysticjuicer vs Caralad in LLL like 30 min from now!


Damnit man, you beat me to it.



For a spot in the bracket!

@SouthpawHare vs @scymrian
Tuesday, Sept. 12, 7 PM EDT (I’ll edit for wtb later if I remember but I’m on mobile right now)


snoc vs @Caralad for the Dreadlands playins (or whatever the thing is) at 1900 UTC on Saturday 16th!


19XX - Round 1
thehug0naut vs Ivan
Wednesday, 13.09.2017, 20.00 BST /19.00 UTC/


19XX - Round 1
mysticjuicer vs mi-go hunter
Saturday, 7pm Eastern

edit: This has moved to Saturday, same time.


Three Headed Monkey vs @Legion

19XX: Kerfuffle 3 Round 1 8am CDT Thursday 14th of September

It’s on like Donkey Kong!