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Just in case someone sees this at the last moment, @Niijima-san vs Me in Persephone’s Pick Your Poison starts 45 minutes from now.


I have a match against Mysticjuicer in 3 1/2 hours.


Combatants - CKR vs @Rinzler
Event - IYL
Time - Tonight @ 9pm EDT
Stakes - My Life (CMBs lurk around every damn corner with this guy)

I am happy to post my match time, but I am really posting to shill for one of my favorite games finally seeing a proper release (fixed framerate and increased resolution) through the Xbox One backwards compatibility program. I received an early birthday present. Ninja f@#$ing Gaiden II. I have waited years. I now own an Xbox One X.


Damn, I may join you on that trip fellow birthday xbox haver.


And if you want moar Yomi, @GutterOwl is a-comin’ for my IYL winstreak at 8 PM EDT! It’s gonna be a good time.