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Post Here if you're looking for a Play by Forum Opponent

Ready to start another game. I’ll play [ Finesse ] / Present / Law, unless you’d rather play against a single color, in which case I’ll be Mono-Purple. Rolled 59.

(please @ me so I get a notification!)

@Persephone I’ll take that up with [Discipline]/Disease/Law. Random 19, so you start.

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I’d like to try a game of [Future]/Truth/Peace. I’ve rolled a 17.

go on @flagrantangles Ive got time this week (at least I hope do :stuck_out_tongue: ) I got a #12 you start, I’ll take my customary mono purple

Anyone want to play a game? I’ll play Present/Fire/Growth and I rolled a 98.

@Nopethebard sure, I’ll play [Balance] / Peace / Discipline (roll 32, you go first)

Looking for opponent, [Fire]/Feral/Truth. Rolled 79

@UrbanVelvet mean if u dont mind playing me again im up for it, ill try mono-black, randomed 56 so u go first, if u wanna play just use same forum we were just on?

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looking for a casual game. discipline/necro/law. rn 2.

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Present/Fire/Growth. 93. Needless to say I’m p1. I’ll put up the room shortly.

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4 player FFA anyone?

Looking to take [Discipline]/Disease/Law for another spin, any takers? Random 72.

@charnel_mouse Ill go mono-purple against that, rand 49 so u go first

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Would like to try [Disease]/Future/Peace. Random 79

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@UrbanVelvet Sure! Ill take mono purple, rnd 78, so you go first! :slight_smile:

I’d be up for trying FFA after getting kicked out of the upcoming tournament.

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Anyone want to play a mono purple mirror? I rolled a 55.

@Nopethebard I will if you want. You can start in the thread we were playing in

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I want to start another game. I choose mono Green and rolled a 62.

I’ll play you as [Feral]/Demonology/Ninjutsu, random 70.

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