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Post Here if you're looking for a Play by Forum Opponent


Hey everyone !
I’m back from like 1 year without Codex, and I’d be glad to play whatever you prefer: random, mono, standard, your choice.


@marto, I’ll play you with a random deck.

My number: 33


Looking for a casual as [Blood]/Peace/Demon, rnd=62


I’m willing to play against you with mono-purple. random: 5, you start !


Looking for a casual game as [Demon]/Ninja/Blood, rnd=36


We can continue our series if you wish, @petE !


Happy to. It will feel like light entertainment compared with your current XCAFS game !


Looking for a match to try out [Law]/Blood/Discipline
Random: 33


@CarpeGuitarrem I’ll take you on with [Ninja/Strength]/Finesse. Rnd=14, so you to start.


Hey there. Been forever but playing a few games in person is giving me the Codex itch. Thinking of trying out a [Necro]/Finesse/Future deck if anyone is interested. Random=14



I need to get some work in on [Demon]/Finesse/Discipline. Random=9
Start it off if you like.


I’m looking for a game with [Growth]/Present/Ninjutsu. I literally can’t stop playing Present; it’s too fun. I rolled 29.



I’m back, so lets have the Present Mirror, I’ve got mono purple, rnd 59 so I’ll start :frowning:


I still need to train AND playing Codex is great by itself, so I’m looking for opponents, whether for a game or for regular play. I’m OK for anything - standard, randompick, monocolor, you-pick-my-specs, banlist, no-random rules. ANYTHING.


hi @Marto , im down to play some games. im looking to try {Anarchy}/Necro/Growth. ive gone first every time in the tourney, so do you mind creating the thread and posting T1?


only 3 out of 4… :stuck_out_tongue:


@marto, I’d be happy for a round or two, been away for a number of months. I’ll probably play mono-something, just by preference, but you can play whatever you see fit.

My roll was 27, so you’re probably going first.


I’m up for another game or two. I will be playing mostly Mono-Blue with just a hint of [Bashing]/Peace/Fire. I rolled a 91 so I suspect I will be going first.


I’m in, with [Discipline/Strength]/Finesse, you start (rolled 18) !


I’ll make a thread when I get home from work today!