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Post Here if you're looking for a Play by Forum Opponent


Looking for a casual game as mono-Red, rnd=69


hi @petE-- I’ll play with you as mono-purple. I’m trying to get better with them. random=63, your start =)


Casual game; mono-black, rnd=19


@ascendingPrime, I’ll take Mono-Red (gotta try to get good with them eventually). My roll was 14 so you’re up first.


Looking for a game as [growth]/necro/strength. rn = 32


take u on with [necro]/blood/truth random 81.
I go first


Looking for a casual game, Mono Black. Opponent can choose to play first or not. Please be patient as I may make the odd mistake with the spreadsheet.


@shamusj I’ll play you as mono-Red. Random for who goes first? I got 15/100 so most likely it’s you.


Hi petE, I got 78 so I’ll start


Ok I’ve setup a thread for us in “play by forum”.


Looking for game as mono-purple; rnd.19


It’s been a long time since I’ve played Codex, but if you don’t mind a rusty opponent I’ll take a shot at White. Got 60, so I’ll start.


anyone down for a game against peace/truth/finesse? looking to mix things up and try something new. rn 23


I’ve never played against anything but mono-color, but I guess blue+neutral should be an ok transition from there. You mind if I play mono-black? I know it can be harsh on blue starter. rn 15


np, ill set up a thread and post T1.


@Dreamfire alright, set up the thread in PBF. GLHF.


Anyone down to play against [Balance]/Law/Blood? Rn 17


I’m rolling [Finesse]/Demonology/Strength, if that’s okay. RN=43, so I’ll set it up.


Looking for a game as mono-green; d100 = 33.


@ascendingPrime I’ll take you on as mono-blue. rnd=9