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Post Here if you're looking for a Play by Forum Opponent


@ARMed_PIrate I rolled an 11, so you’re up first my friend. I will be playing Mono-Purple!


trying to get back to codex. mono purple and rando 56


Looking for a game against a tip tier deck, PPA/SGx/DNF etc. Vs necro/balance/anarchy

Rand 33, would want to play both sides


@Penatronic I’ll take some reps with you, I’ll play PPA and randomed 5 lol. I’m good to do a five-game series, that seems to be the best practice in my experience (I find the first game in each position I’m just getting a feel for where the real strengths in the matchup lie)


@Legion I’ll play a friendly mono game as well, I’ll take Green and I rolled 40, so go ahead!


Heya, I took a break from Codex for a while and would like to get back into it. - Especially to explore specs I have barely touched before!

I’m looking for an opponent against my mono purple, I randomed a 27.


i suggest u playing with @FrozenStorm in my stead.
I Shall keep waiting for Godot


@Legion who are you referring to that I play with?


@eijolend, one post above mine


Ok cool. @Eijolend I’ll start a thread later today!


bump. Still in queue


I’ll play you as mono green. You’re first.


Hi, guys! I’m new here (and have played about 10 monocolor games irl).

I would like to try forum gameplay if anybody agrees to play with newbie.

My deck is [blood/fire]/growth and random number is 5.


I’d be happy to play with you, @gozik. I’ll go mono-purple, I think. Random roll was 10, so I JUST BARELY go first.


Are you the Gozik of Netrunner and Doomtown fame? Welcome to the boards and Codex, either way, I guess :slight_smile:


Hi all! I’m also a newbie. Very enthusiastic but have only played several games. Looking to start by playing mono-color but I don’t mind if opponents play whatever they want as long as they don’t mind it if I don’t know what’s coming…
Anyway, I’m going to start playing mono-white and my random number is 77


@holytispon I’ll play you as mono-blue. I randomed 1 so I guess you’re up first. If you’re comfortable starting a thread, go ahead and do that, if not reply here and I’ll do it. Do ask any questions if you’re not sure how PbF works, or you’re struggling with using the spreadsheet we mostly use to generate posts.


@Jadiel Thanks! I’ve played several other games by forum but not this one yet. I’ll play around with the spreadsheet and hopefully I’ll figure it out - but if I don’t, I’ll ask you. Will post a thread tonight!


Is it ok to use this forum to play codex in russian?


I don’t see why it would be a problem. Just know that most of the people who would otherwise notice if you accidentally break a rule will have a harder time doing so.