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Post Here if you're looking for a Play by Forum Opponent


Sure!, I’m going for [Necro], Future, Present, I randomed 48, so I’ll make the thread


I’m having trouble tracking more than one game as I’m new to the cards. I would love to play on tabletopia though if your timezone allows a weekday evening. I’m in London.

If not, we could arrange a weekend slot.


@shamusj I don’t have a sub to that, but if you do I could give it a try perhaps thursday evening?


I’m not sure what you mean by “sub” but can’t do Thurs evening as I’ll be playing a live codex game in London with another member of this forum. What timezone are you?


US Central Daylight Time (UTC - 5 I think) Tuesdays will likely work for me going forward, but my brother is in town so I was going to chill with him tomorrow (hopefully)


Ok Tuesday sounds good. CDT is 6 hours behind London BST. So shall we say 7pm London time / 1pm your time on Tuesday 16th May?

I’m flexible though so let me know your preference.



I’m looking for a game as feral/disease/discipline

Random 51


I will take you on with Balance/Growth/Finesse

Random 27


I’ma looking to play Blood/Fire/Bashing

Random 60


The dreaded yoloest of all yolos @bob199


Shax was the first one to really try out yolo.dec lol, not me


I know bob has done some crazy shit, like asap liches bargin, but I didn’t know he played this deck.



Anyone up for testingplaying against my yolo burn decks?




I’ll take you on with [Necro]/Blood/Anarchy. I got 15, so you’re up first.


I’ll get this started when I get home in a few hours.


Hey there. It’s been a while since I played one here but I’m getting the itch so if someone is ok playing against someone who might be slow as I have to relearn the spreadsheet wizardry I’d love a game. Would like to play [Strength]/Truth/Past


Hey @CesareB!

I’ve already made plans to start a game with @NikoBolas, but what the heck: I can do two at once.

Please pick a deck you find interesting for me to play as from among the many-many in this thread:

I rolled a 21, so if you get anything higher than that, you’re going first.

If you don’t mind creating the thread and pinging me to let me know what I’ll be playing (and whether I’m going first), you have yourself an opponent. (:


With our tournament completed, I’m up for a casual game!

I want to try out [Demon]/Strength/Growth, rolled a 31!


I’'l take you on @Frozenstorm with PPA :smiley:

random 23, you go first.