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Post Here if you're looking for a Play by Forum Opponent

I’ll have a go! I’ll play mono blue and I rolled a 7, so you go first.

Looking for another (series of) game(s), mostly as mono purple. Just feel free to start a thread and tag me if you wanna play!

ill take that @hardy83. i’ll play demon/anarchy/balance.

Anyone up for playing vs mono Purple?

Random 24

Anyone game to try an experimental All Cards variant? I’ll be playing Green starter, random 77.

i’d still like to try [discipline]/fire/law a bit @CarpeGuitarrem. still in vacation and my other game with @Nopethebard proceeds quite slowly. i rolled 24 :slight_smile: you go first then?


I’ll get that thread up when I get home, no rush!

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I want to try Demonology/Necromancy/Truth. I rolled an 85.

@Nopethebard Sounds fun. I’ll go against that with my usual [Balance]/Blood/Strength. Random 47, you go first. Can’t post a turn today, but I can start tomorrow.

im looking to learn from my tourney mistakes. anyone want to play some names against demon/anarchy/balance? rn 89

I’ll take you up on that, I wanna practice purple, I rolled 94 so I’ll set that up.

Looking to try a game with [Peace]/Discipline/Disease, roll = 15.

(please @ me so I get a notification!)

I would like to play some games as monogreen vs other mono colours, roll = 35

@thehug0naut I’m up for mono! Random 66, I’ll start as Blue.

Hello! New player looking for a new experience here. Anyone mind showing me how this game, and specifically play-by-forum, works in practice?

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player 1 makes a thread for the game.
Each turn, You list player number and turn number like p1t1. You list your hand, worker choice, and tech choices under a Hide Details tab like this:


Fox Primus
Fox Viper
Speed of the Fox
Shuriken Hail
Workers Fox Viper
Tech Ardras Boulder and Rambasa Twin

Click the gear icon to find Hide Details option. We basically just trust you to not peek at the opponent’s turn Details
Then list your main turn actions, keeping track of your money remaining.
Then show the board state, listing the patrollers, base and buildings’ HP, and number of cards in your hand, deck, and discard.
You can hide notes about your plans in Hide Details, and this is recommended so you and anyone who looks at the game later can see some of your reasoning for your moves.

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Do you want to play a game with me to see how it works?

Yes, actually. Put it into practice. And, since I know you from the Discord, would you have any problems playing over DMs?

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I’m willing to try. One moment.

What Codex for you? I’ll use Mono White.