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Poll: Tournament Planning (UPDATED!)


Hey, all! So, we’ve got IYL coming up, and the ever-present forum weeklies. But I also have a bunch of other tournaments I think it would be fun to revive. So, poll time: how many tournament games are you willing to schedule a week?

  • 1 per week
  • 2 per week
  • 3 per week
  • Give me all the Yomis!

0 voters


I voted 2 - I wouldn’t mind scheduling more on some weeks, but when a busy week comes up it’s good to have a bit of leeway.

Incidentally, since you voted for the same rather moderate option yourself - isn’t the simplest solution just to arrange as many tournaments as you’re willing/have time to participate in yourself?


With the AutoTO tools I’ve built, it’s actually pretty low effort for me to run a challonge-based tournament. It takes less time to TO than to schedule and play a match myself. So, if there’s appetite for more tournaments, I’m happy to run then, even if I’m not playing.


Ok, next question: What tournament do you want to see next? I’d plan on starting it sometime around the end of march, once ABC1 is down to 4ish playesr.

Late March Tournament Format

  • Lum’s Long Odds - points-per-win based on matchup difficulty
  • Lum’s Lucky Lottery - randomize your characters
  • A Balanced Clash - Only the most even of matchups will do
  • Persephone’s Pick Your Poison - A selection of balanced and unbalanced matches
  • Single Character Showdown - (if @snoc agrees) Show of your mirror-match skills
  • Fast Timer - Crunch-time Yomi (unlike @neigutten’s series, I would still run this as a weekly format)

0 voters

If there’s a different format you want to see run, let me know!

[Yomi] Tournaments ideas sharing

I was planning to run another SCS SoonTM when my workload lightens off a bit and I can find a gap in the tournament schedule. If you want to take over running it, that’s fine, but I’m equally happy to pick up the slack in a month or two.


Either way works for me. At this point, running a tournament is a pretty light load for me (yay tools!). But if you want to keep running those, I’m sure there are others to run, and SCS can slot in when you have more time.