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Pocket Rumble


Here’s a small combo vid also, that should help clarify each character’s style


People are finally starting to upload matches online


4.5 is up. Quinn finally has werewolf form!


Spring has finally come, get hype!

  • Release is sometime between now and the end of july
  • All dev time has been going to the switch port, but its finally ready
  • Everyone who backed the Kickstarter gets a free code for the switch version
  • In the meantime, team will focus on adding new content to steam version, meaning the steam version will remain in early access to facilitate frequent patches and community testing
  • When all post-release content is complete, the switch version will receive all of it all at once,. in a big update, and the steam version will officially leave early access
  • Kickstarter bosses will be added in the coming months-- first the backer bosses, then the crossover bosses. when all bosses are complete, theyll be added to the switch version in the “2.0” update.
  • Morgana is beginning development after 2.0
  • In order to claim switch keys, forward your kickstarter backer confirmation to support@chucklefish and specify your desired region
  • PDF strategy guide cancelled, $25 tier backers upgraded to $50 t-shirt tier to compensate
  • T-shirt poll opened to backers for voting among 4 designs []