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I have an interesting observsation about myself. I actually do not like scheduled match play. Every time I have a scheduled match, I think to myself that I have a million things to do today and playing this match is going to be a pain in the ass.

However, this story is not a negative one. Once I get into the match, I enjoy it. I cannot understand why I tend to think so negatively about being “forced” to play until I actually start playing.

This might just be a weird psychological quirk that is inherent to only me. This raises the question. Does anyone else think along similar lines?


I intentionally schedule matches in the evening so I am done with my schoolwork for the day anyway so as to ensure the match doesn’t turn my schedule upside down. I would probably feel that way if I was squeezing it in the middle of my lunch period or something.


I think only when I have emergency affairs conflicting to the match, I will be down.
Or sometimes addicted to other boardgames like TTA and Agricola or dota chess, and find I have a yomi match, ‘Oh why I have a yomi match! Alright just play it.’ And the same thing happens – enjoy the yomi match!
The most efficient solution I think is to finish all your other things and foucs on yomi that match time.


Hmm. I guess I’m neutral to forgetful about the match, tbh. So many times I’ll just go “OH YEAH I HAVE A MATCH TODAY”. Sometimes I remember to prep. Generally a good time during the match.


I generally just jump into the match when it’s time. How does one prepare for a Yomi match?


I’ve found it occasionally helpful to go see what characters my opponent plays frequently/well, just to have a sense of what I’m up against.


I identify with this a great deal, it’s part of why I stepped back from Yomi last year. I assumed it was because I had overcommitted my time but I’m beginning to think it could just be a personality quirk :sweat_smile:


Any matchup scouting on my part will happen well before the day of. That’s assuming I do any, as most of my opponents so far are people I play against in casual sets so I already know what they play.


That’s why I like to schedule my matches in the evening and nighttime so I can prepare for it mentally and also have fun without feeling like the match is interrupting anything.


You’re back in Yomi? Maybe I should play again.

Just to crush you.


Fluffiness: Bringer of adorable Doom (B.A.D)


Come at me bro


I used to do this alot, as well. During the last few years, I hardly ever do this. That is for a couple of reasons. At this time, most of the players I know relatively well, so I do not need to worry because I have seen it all before. Another reason is that I have been more lazy and do not mind if there is a small chance that I might be surprised. I figure that I can adapt pretty quickly.

There is one thing that I probably should do more often. I should probably look at the MU chart to see if my opponent has any personal weakness against certain characters. I don’t see myself doing that, but that would probably be the best preparation that I could do.