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@Persephone [Finesse] / Present / Law vs. @charnel_mouse [Discipline] / Disease / Law

P2 @charnel_mouse [Discipline] / Disease / Law
P1 @Persephone [Fire] / Feral / Necromancy vs.

Opening hand
  • Careless Musketeer
  • Bombaster
  • Bloodburn
  • Bloodrage Ogre
  • Charge

Player 2, Turn 1

Workers make 5g. (5g)

Hire 6h worker for 1g. (4g, 4 cards)
  • Bloodburn

Recruit a Bloodrage Ogre for 2g. (2g, 3 cards)
Summon :codexcalamandra: Calamandra Moss for 2g. (0g)

Ogre patrols in Elite.

Discard 3, draw 5.

:psblueshield: Squad Leader:
:psfist: Elite: Bloodrage Ogre (4 :crossed_swords:, 2 :heart:, bounces if can’t attack)
:ps_: Scavenger:
:pspuzzle: Technician:
:eye: Lookout:

:codexcalamandra: Calamandra Moss (2 :crossed_swords:, 3 :heart:, can be sneaky)

Base: 20 :heart:

:pspig: 0g banked, 6 workers.

5 cards in hand
  • Pillage
  • Mad Man
  • Nautical Dog
  • Scorch
  • Makeshift Rambaster
0 cards in deck
3 cards in discard
  • Careless Musketeer
  • Bombaster
  • Charge


Grappling Hook + mid Grave --> Ogre (tech I, worker)
mid Cala + Stealth --> Grave (tech I, worker, 1g, cala maxes)
garth/bigby + Snapback cala [+Tax Collector?] (skip worker)

There’s only so much you can do to defend against 1 Drop Grave, unfortunately.

Sorry, do you mind if we restart with me on the Black starter? I haven’t really gotten my head around White yet.

sure, go for it.



Starting Hand

Jandra, the Negator
Skeletal Archery
Summon Skeletons
Pestering Haunt


OK, this feels like stronger ground. I’d have liked Thieving Imp, but I think Jandra’s OK to open against a possible Calamandra, or against Garth and Skeletons. Hasted units are less of a problem, too. I’ll have a stab at the Graveyard + Tax Collector trick, if I can.

Get paid - ($4)
Worker - ($3)
Jandra, the Negator - ($0)
Pestering Haunt
Discard 2, draw 4

:psblueshield: Squad Leader: Jandra, the Negator 3/3 (overpower, friendly non-demons die with her)

Pestering Haunt 1/1 (unstoppable, can’t patrol, can’t be sacrificed or have more than 1 attack)

:heart: Base HP: 20

Hand: 4

3Skeleton Javelineer
2Thieving Imp
1Poisonblade Rogue

Deck: 1

Sacrifice the Weak

Discard: 2

Summon Skeletons

Card count check (opponent-viewable)

Expected: 10
1 workered
2 on board
4 in hand
1 in deck
2 in discard
Total: 10 :white_check_mark:

Gold: 0
Workers: 5

4 x start
Skeleton Archery

No worries @Persephone, thanks for the games! Hope to see you around again some day, your CAMS19 games were an eye-opener for what MonoGreen can do.

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