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New FFA Table talk


Personally, the forums drive me nuts even in a 2 player game. I never considered myself a visual player but constantly have to cross reference codexcarddb and I constantly miss things.


Yeah, I have difficulties with play-by-forum as well (Thankfully other forumers usually notice my mistakes and kindly point them out!), but I really appreciate the ability to take the time to carefully plan out turns. I do feel like I’m gradually getting better at it, though.


So, does anyone have any idea of how I stop dreamfire annihilating bob with his massive board? I would normally be quite happy to wipe out most of his units, but now that just puts me in a really low base health scenario, so I just get wiped out instead…


Doom Grasp / Moment’s Peace? Also, I think 4 of those Stingers have been killed so far, so it’s not quite as bad as it looks at first glance.


Grave only has 2hp, and won’t trigger Bugblatter, kill him somehow?


As nice as momments Peace is, it only stops units attacking me, not bob. Right lets give this a go


@Shadow_Night_Black Quince’s midband says “Trash it at end of turn”, so lending the Mirror Glaxx to Bob would be useless, as far as I understand it.


Fortunately Glax says that it can’t leave play from non combat damage while you have gold, and Bob has gold…


Right! Forgot that little bit of synergy, cool move!

About the skeleton you lent him, though - does it keep anti-air? I just asked about that in the rules thread.


Unfortunately not, Skeletal archery is only for my skeletons, and That is now Bob’s skeleton until his turn (Although I get the patrol bonuses…).


@Shadow_Night_Black You didn’t end up playing Dreamscape, right?

Also, can anyone confirm Nekoatl’s base HP? I have it at 13 after being pinged 3 times by holytispon’s Bugblatter.


I can agree with that base health (unfortuneatly)

And what dreamscape? I don’t see a dreamscape! What sort of madman would tech a dreamscape in FFA??? (hurriedly edits post)
@Dreamfire, I take it by the long silence that you have the same problem I had in being a few short of winning and are now trying to give yourself another turn :wink:


Close to winning, me?? No, I just took my time to think how best to keep everyone safe from sudden Stampedes and illusion copies of illusion Gryphons!


Surprise! (chars)


:heart: you too Neko, but I think you forgot to add a :codexzane: emoticon


Btw, I didn’t break your base out of spite, revenge, or any other sort of personal grudge. I just wanted to break someone’s base, and your post happened to be the one I was looking at at the time.


How exactly does if work now? We each get a turn?


You each take 1 turn, then compare base HP. If they’re the same at that point, repeat.


Except the one small problem that Quince’s midband doesn’t work on tech 3 units, so you only have two gryphons @Nekoatl


It might not be relevant considering Shadow’s last comment, but I’m still curious: if a couple of players make it to sudden death, is the rest of the board still considered to be in existence? Things like, just off the top of my head, a defeated or eliminated player’s Bugblatters.

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