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New FFA Table talk


Haha, well, they’re more scary in the early game than the late game, but it’s hard to afford 2 of them right from the start.


Personally with the increase gold increase in FFA, I find card advantage to be a much larger problem, and a 3/3 for 3,while not the best cost efficency, if it doesn’t cost you cards and really edge out over your opponents.


Has anyone else noticed the Card DB seems less useful all of a sudden?


No?? Why do you say that?


Well, when I open a bookmarked page, it says “You just hit a route that doesn’t exist… the sadness.”, and when I go to the root URL, the option to choose specs is missing. I’ve tried it using both Chrome and Brave, and it’s the same in both browsers.


I asked LK404 about it on Discord, and here’s his reply:

yep, that’s being worked on, expect it to be back in probably less than a week
that also includes the “Random Deck” page, which is basically the same code


If I remember the ruling correctly, the spell should be discarded immediately after being Assimilated, since you don’t have the right hero to keep it ongoing.

Edit: yeah, the example is with Two Step, but it works the same:


Just checked on a whim, and it’s already back! I guess “within hours of being asked about it” is technically less than a week… :wink:

New Codex DB Bugs

I had more time today than I expected. :stuck_out_tongue:


@bob199 Given that you can’t keep Bird’s Nest, are you still snatching it and accepting the discard, or are you going for something else, e.g. snatching Rich Earth or playing a different card?


No changes to my turn


I don’t know if I’m more worried about @Shadow_Night_Black Remembering to flood the board, or @Feathers Judging it all to oblivion… I tried to put spokes in both their wheels, but it doesn’t feel like enough.


It looks like you didn’t take enough damage from the Bugblatter with the order your turn events are laid out, as Tweety killing Shadow’s Skeleton should also trigger a damage to your base while the Bugblatter is alive. I don’t see a reason why you couldn’t just wait until after you killed the Bugblatter for that, though, so it’s probably not an issue.


Technically I had a look at Shadow’s hand in between, so I’ll edit the extra damage in.


It’s a sad day when neither of your Remember’s can remember a single thing between them… It’s their only job!


Is anyone else thinking Dreamfire’s board looks really scary?
I can take out the birds, but not much else with my T2 down.


Well, he does seem to be able to pick off key targets at will. (Respect the birds!) With Setsuki down, I’m not really in a position to offer help, though.


I can take out both birds, but thats it, Ials also worried about max Rook/Arg


What is the 4th unit to pop the Graveyard?


Wasn’t a Pestering Haunt in there at some point?