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New FFA Table talk


Looks like people don’t want me to have Final Judgement again =b

Final Spec = Balance

@feathers back to you


That, uh, might’ve been a factor. @Dreamfire your call now!


Available specs:
Fire, Anarchy
Strength, Ninjutsu


I’ll round up with Strength, leaving Ninjutsu for @Nekoatl. Looks like we’re good to go!



Don’t forget to update your board status in the spreadsheet!


If we’re going to be using a board state spreadsheet again, I think it would be better to have only one person updating it. Last game, it was confusing as to whether or not the information could be trusted due to inconsistencies between how players were or were not updating it. I’m not blaming anyone, as there were good reasons for the inconsistencies, but it’s not an experience I’m eager to repeat. I’ll volunteer to be the person responsible for doing updates, as my uptime percentage on the forums is fairly high.


Sure, sounds good.

Also, fair warning: StW is a great card for me, and I will use it when I can. It’s for the gold advantage and leveling the playing field a little, nothing personal. So play and patrol your units accordingly with that in mind, and don’t retaliate against me for it. I have a good suite of cards to mess with a single player specifically and I won’t hesitate to do so to anyone who decides to take a bite out of me first.


@feathers We’re waiting on that StW.


:chibighost: @feathers It’s your turn!


So, do we keep waiting or play on/find a replacement?


I’m very sorry. I was going through a busy, rough patch, and didn’t really have the presence of mind to check up on the forum. My turn time should be back to normal now.

StW delivered as promised!


My Young Treant has less ATK than my tweety, so he’ll be the one to die.


@Shadow_Night_Black I believe this should be your $1


Sorry about spamming, but I feel this has to be said: killing Setsuki is not what I had planned to do this turn. It’s not what this board deserves, but it’s what this board needs :sunglasses:


Setsuki did need to die, I would have helped, but all of my units kept dying to those pesky shuriken hails…


@Shadow_Night_Black how did Garth manage to kill Vandy? She was midband, a 3/3 after Shruiken Hail, and midband Garth is a 2/4.


There were two Shuriken Hails on that turn, so Vandy was at 3/2.


Ah, missed the second Hail on the bottom. Dag nabbit Nekoatl, you monster!


I had nothing against you or vandy, it just so happened she was the only 2/3 hp hero I could get levels from…


If it helps, I was just trying to get rid of the Brave Knight, not set Vandy up to be clobbered.


If I’d known Brave Knights were so scary, I would’ve teched another one!