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New FFA Table talk


What do you propose?

@feathers are you drawing into Morningstar Pass or something?


@Dreamfire I need you to Hookshot my Boulder onto the tech slot and kill it so I’d be able to actually draw into Thunderclap. Then could you kill a Pirate or two for me? That’ll put Shadow’s patrol into Thunderclap range, and on my turn I can put his health low enough to mitigate his threat. And no, I didn’t tech Pass at all, nor do I have enough to destroy Shadow’s base. Also, I wonder if killing his Bugblatter may be the better move, due to the “any units” clause.


@Dreamfire ugh, on my phone and plans got put into a mess. I’d need to draw into Thunderclap and of course Rook needs to be alive to cast it. See edited post.


@feathers I’ll kill a PGC and a pirate. Then you can draw into Thunderclap with Zane’s midband, sideline the 3 remaining pirates and kill the second PGC.
I’m not going to kill more of Shadow’s stuff so as not to bring Bob’s base HP too low before your turn. No offense :no_mouth:


I have no idea what you guys are on about, Personally, having every unit dying dealing 9 damage to assorted bases felt fine to me… And i only put out 30/28 worth of stats in units on my turn…


Er, alright, I suppose that’s what having a volatile side looks like.

There’s acting kingmaker when given the position and choice, and then there’s deliberately thumbing the nose at the spirit of the struggle. Your chosen spec has the card draw and individually powerful drops to come back from an empty board, and you have more than enough gold to establish that and heal afterwards. The tension of the endgame, for me, is one of the best parts of FFA, where players struggle to stay ahead, negotiate with others to eliminate common threats, walk the line between protecting and attacking the weakest side, and brew their own plans all the while aware that others each has an ace up their own sleeve. This, of course, requires the silent agreement that everyone looks out for their own side’s victory first.

If I were Shadow, this win would’ve felt hollow.


Well, I can’t say I’m not left a bit disappointed and unfulfilled by the outcome of this match. Is anyone up for another, this time with hopefully less gamethrowing?

For whoever is curious, my next turn would’ve involved Morningstar Pass, Oathkeeper, and Zane’s ult. It wouldn’t have won me the game, but would’ve spun it in an interesting direction.


Leaving bob on 1hp? in which case I have a drak who might say hello :stuck_out_tongue:


I had presumed that he would use some of all the excess gold he saved up to patch his base and work on getting back into the game.


Max drak says hello with hasty units :stuck_out_tongue: including my other bugblatter…


Nice! In that case well played. I took a gamble, and PGCs/Bugblatters are always better off dead than alive :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve considered not playing Oathkeeper (since I can’t lethal anyone anyways) and lending out patrollers to Bob as a play, though. Suppose we’ll never know.


People’s builds seem to be gravitating to be more and more alike, which is starting to get boring. I’d like to try a different starting method. Is anyone up for trying a snake draft? For example:

  1. We determine turn order randomly.
  2. In order 1 to 5, we each choose one starter deck that has yet to be chosen.
  3. In order 5 to 1, we each choose one of the 20 specs that has yet to be chosen.
  4. In order 1 to 5, we each choose one of the 20 specs that has yet to be chosen.
  5. In order 5 to 1, we each choose one of the 20 specs that has yet to be chosen.

However, a player can’t choose the last remaining spec of a color if another player has that color starting deck and doesn’t yet have a spec of that color. And, if a player hasn’t yet chosen a spec that matches their starting deck before their final pick, they must take a spec of that color as their final pick.

After the draft, there would be 5 specs and 2 starter decks left unpicked, and every card in the game would be unique to one player. Sound fun?


Sure, it’s been done once before to my memory and that turned out to be a fun one.
@Nekoatl you might want to take a look at the format here for comparison Free For Draft Table Talk


Yeah, I thought about doing it that way, and it’s an option with the advantage of being simpler. But, it also seems to give an advantage to earlier players since it uses an odd number of passes, and I think the 4-pass method involves some interesting strategic decisions like whether you should pick a matching spec at the first opportunity or wait and risk getting stuck with something. I’d be willing to try either approach.


Sure, I’m up for trying a new method.


You should clarify what happens if 2 of the 3 specs for your starter get chosen before you take a turn.

Say on pass 1 I take red
On pass 2, anarchy and blood are chosen by players going before me. Do I immediately have to take fire? can anyone else take fire and really make things weird?


You do have to take Fire, but not immediately. In that situation, it would be better to wait until your final pick to choose Fire so you’d have more options for your other 2 specs. Other players cannot choose Fire in that situation either, because it’s the last spec available to match your starter deck.

A good strategy might be to choose a starter deck that doesn’t match any spec you would absolutely not want to play.

I guess, in a way, it would even kind of be an advantage to have other players pick 2 of your matching spec options that early, because then you could choose your other 2 specs to synergize with the one you know you’ll be stuck with.


Draft / Rando pick is fun and fine with me


@Dreamfire @Shadow_Night_Black?


Sure, I’m in