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[MMM1] GAME 3: P1 Black (FrozenStorm) vs P2 Blue (NekoAtl)


Haha, thanks, but that’s all I could manage against that aggressive discard strategy. It really limited what I could do, so good job. Pulling that last card out of my hand probably secured the win for you, but here goes:


Tech StartingHand Workers

Boot Camp
Boot Camp


Porkhand Magistrate
Spectral Aven
Lawful Search
General’s Hammer
Manufactured Truth
General’s Hammer



[spoiler]Flagstone Garrison
Flagstone Garrison
Free Speech



Free Speech
Reputable Newsman
Bluecoat Musketeer
Boot Camp
Boot Camp
Judgment Day


Tech 2 card(s)
Get Paid + Scavanger - ($11)
Worker - ($10)
General Onimaru - ($8)
Max Onimaru - ($1)
Traffic Director - ($0)

Float ($0)
Discard 2, draw 4

[B]Board Info:[/B]
[B]In Patrol:[/B]

  • :psblueshield: [I]Squad Leader[/I]: Traffic Director (1/1A) Untargetable
  • :psfist: [I]Elite[/I]: Soldier (2/1) Sparkshot
  • :ps_: [I]Scavenger[/I]: Soldier (1/1) Sparkshot
  • :pschip: [I]Technician[/I]: L7 General Onimaru (4/5) Frenzy 1, Readiness
  • :target: [I]Lookout[/I]: Soldier (1/1) Sparkshot
    [B]In Play:[/B]
  • L5 Sirus Quince (1/5)
  • :heart: Base HP: 11
  • :heart: Tech I HP: 5
  • :heart: Tech II HP: 4 (Peace)
  • :heart: Heroes’ Hall HP: 4

[B]Economy Info:[/B]

  • Hand: 4
  • Deck: 2
  • Disc: 9
  • Gold: 0
  • Workers: 11

Missed both the remaining Free Speech and my chance to start the draw engine, so that’s probably GG.



No free speech! I probably can get it done now

Game 3, Player 1, Turn 9

P1 Black vs P2 Blue

[details=Starting Hand]
Soul Stone
Hooded Executioner
Banefire Golem
Terras Q, the Shackled
Dark Pact (surplus)
Pestering Haunt + Zarra (yay)

##Events of Turn:


  • Get Gold (12+3float)
  • Draw 1 Surplus
  • Tech 1 card

[details=All Teched Cards]
Zarramonde, the Obliterator
Zarramonde, the Obliterator, Dark Pact
Death and Decay, Banefire Golem
Terras Q, the Shackled, Death and Decay
Metamorphosis, Hooded Executioner
Bone Collector, Soul Stone
Shadow Blade, Nether Drain
Dark Pact, Bone Collector


  • Fresh BC kills SQL, takes 1, I get a skeleton
  • Sacrifice that skeleton to put -1/1 on lookout, plague spreads to scav and elite, you get 1g (14)
  • Garth (12)
  • Dark Pact, base to 14 rs draw 2
  • Zarramonde, the Obliterator, kills Onimaru, you get a card (2)
  • Vandy, Orpal, gimp BC, Imp, Javelineer and Skeleton overkill your base, GG WP

Free Speech is already really good, but in this matchup it just feels like Quince needs a way to make it last longer. I’ll get the next thread started later!


I think blue has enough tools to help cast Free Speech each turn, it’s just a question of whether they can be brought to bear quickly enough. I correctly predicted that you would try hand destruction, but was mistaken about how you would go about it. I expected Imp/Graveyard and so teched in General’s Hammer, which didn’t help me at all because you never played the Graveyard. It felt like this game was pretty close, so if not for that, I might have been able to pull off a win. Good fun game, though, and I’ll look forward to the next one.