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[MMM1] Game 10: P1 Blue (Nekoatl) vs P2 Black (FrozenStorm)


I ask myself the same questions, and thus is why I suggested replacing one of them. I’ve only ever used them for lulz in a peace machine that was already going to win anyway. I honestly think Dreamscape could reduce cost by 1 and you could replace Hallucination with something more helpful (perhaps specifically targeted at the Black matchup). Making things illusions HELPS Black, with all its super-cheap targeting!


I used to think Hallucination and Dreamscape were redundant, but I don’t anymore. Dreamscape has the advantages of affecting many units and providing a persistent effect over multiple turns, the disadvantage of being vulnerable to removal (especially Nature Reclaims), and the double-edged sword of turning your own units into Illusions, which can be either very good or very bad depending on what tech II-III Truth cards you have in play. Hallucination has the advantage of being able to target and dispel illusions in cases where other targeting is unavailable. In theory, Sirus with 1x Dreamscape and 2x Hallucination could remove 4 tech II units per turn for $4 and 2 cards, which is really good in terms of value. There are, of course, more efficient ways of targeting Illusions in other factions, but I think it’s important that Truth have a means of doing so without relying on another faction.


I threw in the Guards to give a couple Law units more use, especially since something like Arresting Constable seems more likely to do a Lawful Search than an Insurance Agent (who can’t be excluded from being able to cast it without either special-casing him out or denying all of the starting deck units that have the same unit type). Guard only adds two units, though, so it can be removed easily enough. Glad you like the flavor!

Not getting into this beyond saying that replacing them would overstep the boundaries I’ve set for myself.

I agree that all those cards need adjustment, but the problem with the Black matchup is definitely higher priority for now. Some good ideas, though!


I just listened back to that episode now as well. Interesting to see how far the game has come. I think Scribe could have kept his “Attacks: Draw a card” as the 1/3 that he is, or stayed a 2/3 with his current arrives-only trigger, and probably ended up okay.


I agree. Combined with the fact Justice juggernaut was also nerfed, it seems like law was hit hard near the end. It’s supposed to be a spec that gives you card advantage which is huge but it’s one of the least played specs in my experience.