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Maximalist Theoretical Changelog (in case it's not clear: this is a thread for goofs)


Cards kept in between games this way can be used to pump Quince’s Consent of the Governed and Righteous Tumbler, BBB’s Piston Hurricane, as Aces for Onimaru’s Clockwork Soldiers and psychically thrown to pester and distract DeGrey players between rounds.

Flagstone would only use taxpayer funds for noble and just causes after all :quince:


Checkmate Buster now costs 4 Aces and both Jokers. If it hits, you win the game automatically, regardless of health totals.

Deathstrike Dragon now costs 4 Aces and both Jokers. If it hits, you win the game automatically and the next 3 games you would play with your current opponent, regardless of health totals.

Beast Unleashed now costs 2 attached blocks, 3 Aces and both Jokers. If it hits, you win the game automatically, the move is renamed to Beats Unleashed, and your opponent must upload a sick dubstep montage of your victory to YouTube.


I have been playing Jaina and realised her 7 effect and unique ability are all wrong. Her opponent should be paying the life loss from these effects, not her. There, Jaina improved. :slight_smile:


Activating Deathstrike Dragon allows you to turn into the Deathstrike dragon from the deluxe set :chibidragon: if you pump it with a Midori deck


Furthermore, if you are playing Menelker versus Midori then death match rules apply. The loser has to burn the copy of their deck after the match.


Likewise, Into Oblivion should remove the card not only from your opponents deck, but from existence. Legacy aspects are all the craze in boardgames nowadays.


While physically destroying your opponent’s property isn’t the greatest mechanic, I could see banishing the cards for the rest of the Match (and if you Banish all 4 copies of a non-Ace card, pick one of them to be removed for the rest of the Tournament.)


For some reason I misread that as “pick a player to be removed for the rest of the Tournament” and I kinda like that better. You wouldn’t even be restricted to choosing a player in your own game!


If this were the case, @Redless would see my fully gold Midori deck deleted from the server, as he once truly did banish me to the shadow realm


:chibigeiger: feels like he doesn’t do enough damage when he gets off his ultra time spiral combos. I would suggest that temporal distortion makes all of his attacks 0 combo point linkers that can’t be jokered out of.


I rage over Joker Immunity enough as it is. That would be my mental counterpick forever.


If Righteous Zeal cost only 1 combo point, then Quince could combo his Aces from his Queen and that feels correct since DeGrey can do it.


I’ll accept that if DeGrey can get a pump on his aces. That feels correct since Quince can do it. :wink:

(Also wow, it’s really been two years since the last posts here??)


Lum no longer has throws.


That doesn’t even make sense! Bears are great at throwing! They give the best hugs and we all know that throws are just extended hugs!


Pandas are too lazy for hug.


DSD should also trigger Menelkers inate as if the aces were black face cards. Seems unfair to land DSD and it not be lethal so this should give Menelker a consolation prize at least.


Only if you combat-reveal a black ace, though. You gotta be consistent!


What if when Zane used one of his Shenanigans cards, his opponent could retrieve a single card of the same rank as the unused Shenanigans card from their deck or discard pile?! SEEMS ZANY. :wink:


A new ability for Zane:

AAAA* Maximum Anarchy
When you hit with this move get up and swap seats with your opponent. You now play each others characters. If they win as Zane then you lose the round.