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Maximalist Theoretical Changelog (in case it's not clear: this is a thread for goofs)


nononono Menelker doesn’t hesitate to use cheap tactics, so he should probably cost less money than anyone else because his tactics cost less money to manufacture.

I am always a fan of rather flavorful mechanics. And Midori doesn’t have huge bursty combos, which helps it not feel as bad. (Imagine if Vendetta had that ability! :open_mouth: ) On the other hand, it definitely makes some matchups very painful…



Imagine if every time I got into Dragon Form I had a REAL DSD mixup, and my dJ xx AA was always free.

The hardest part about making :midori: work is getting around enemy Jokers. You spend a lot of time getting to the point where you could make big plays, and players save Jokers specifically for when you’re in Dragon Form, so that first interaction after Dragon Form hits the table is EXTREMELY important. Did :grave: just Q because he has a Joker and knows it’s 100% safe? Was that a bluff? If I Dodge it and they facedown, should I always K or go for the big burst? If I land the FDB raw, did they Block because they knew I couldn’t fully pump it? Should I just land FDB when I only have 2 Aces just to fish out the Jokers?

My suggestion was part troll, but also part “:midori: will be very high tier with this change”.

Arena Cards

That’s true; I guess when I think of combos, I usually envision big long strings of attacks, but for Midori, it still means a lot to be able to hit-confirm safely into super.


I think that’s a big part of why this game is so great.

If you are not a specialist at a given character, there are these game-state realities that really make the characters unique outside of their actual cards. That’s why matchup knowledge is so difficult to really gain when it comes to oddball matchups we rarely see. Sure, we can compare the speeds on things and relative damage of how things work, but unless you’ve played the matchup 20 times, you’re not going to see these really subtle things that specialists or experienced knowers will see.

That’s why I usually default to :midori: even if the matchup is bad. I just hope I know the fight better than they do!


guys guys we’re getting sidetracked by valid points and good advice

this is a thread for GOOFS


What if Final Dragon Buster was an SPD?


“On reveal: Rotate this card 360°.”

  • :geiger: Max Geiger
  • Time Stop: The triggering Time Spiral can be used again as part of the combo started by the throw.
  • :vendetta: Vendetta
  • Maximum Ven: Renamed to Minimum Ven. It doesn’t even require the maximum number of Aces WTF?
  • :zane: Captain Zane
  • Maximum Anarchy: Now deals 1 damage and has: "When you Maximum Anarchy deals damage, it deals an additional 1d100 damage.

That should be all the Maxs in the game.


Zane needs a bit of a boost to his YOLO game. He should be able to play Maximum Anarchy with two or more aces in hand in the hopes that he draws the remainder needed on Shenanigans. If he doesn’t, treat it as No-Card.


Too much skill involved for this thread.


I think Minstress’s Command is somewhat under-powered. I mean, if I’m going to give my opponent a single command, I’d want it to be “concede the match.”


Maybe new effect could be something like “Issue a single command, not to exceed five words, to your opponent. You may not wish for more wishes using this ability.”


I thought Ace cards were meant to be super moves? It should be 360x2+LP+MP+HP, so to use it you have to rotate the card twice and play 4/6/8 cards from hand. You would have to add rules text to the Ace “If you hit your opponent with this attack, pile drive them into a wooden table”.

While we are at it, if you hit your opponent with Chromatic Orb as Valerie then you should be able to throw a bucket of paint at them.

I think I might house rule the above when playing with friends. Might not have them for long, but should be heaps of fun. :sob:


Innate: Ice Clone - If you successfully dodge a Special or Super Attack, apply Chillbane to the opponent and combo them like normal.

Dreadlands Portal ability: Plague Carrier - If you land this throw, your opponent gains Shadow Plague, and you lose it. Discard all cards in your hand and draw 2. Your maximum hand size becomes 3. If you run out of cards in your deck due to Plague Carrier, time over applies and you lose.


Links of Ice changed to read: On hit, take a frozen sausage (or, if none available, an ice cube) out of the freezer and put it down the back of the opponent’s shirt


Flagstone Tax doesn’t thematically fit having to pay tax. if the opponent activates Flagstone Tax instead to drawing two cards Quince takes one random card from the opponents hand and $1.50 from their wallet.
The card returns to the opponent’s discard pile if Quince uses or discards it.


Onimaru should have an undodgable A attack.


That’s too balanced.
The card is removed from the opponent’s ownership if Quince uses or discards it.
The opponent can only regain ownership of the card if they file it on their tax return.


No no no.
Flagstone tax should read: “Every third card your opponent draws instead goes to your hand. After the game ends, keep all cards collected this way.”


No, no, no, it should be: whenever your opponent powers up for aces, they receive one fewer than usual and Quince gets one from his own deck/discard pile

It’s fair, because it’s a flat tax of one ace no matter what :quince: