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Maximalist Theoretical Changelog (in case it's not clear: this is a thread for goofs)


I think that we can all agree that in the fullness of time, it was a really weird oversight to not give Rook any dodges


But he does have Dodges! Dodges he can use while KD!

Anyway I don’t think we ALL agree that it was an OVERSIGHT to not give him any. I think there was a time in development when :rook: did have Dodges, but fans loved the flavor of not having any and he was designed around that.


When Rook had dodges, he was without a doubt the best character in the game. Dodge into CMB mixup was just too brutal for most of the cast.


Guys, you don’t understand. You’re being entirely too reasonable and restrained.

This is the maximalist theoretical changelog. Not the minimalist one. That one is for dumb babies who care about dumb things like “the long-term life of the competitive scene” and “having more than one good choice strategically”


Pretty sure what Zane needs in order to stay competitive is for Meaty Attacks to activate both on opponent knockdown and on own knockdown


I agree with the Zane Meaty Attacks change. But it would not make sense without 6 combo points and changing Crash Bomb to a 1cp starter. Zane would approve.


That sounds like it would only be fair if blocked Crash Bomb counted as a starter for the other player


When Vendetta hits with his king, he should be able to return his king to his hand. Then search his deck for more kings, then play them all at the same time in various configurations, each of which grants different bonuses


CMB: 2CP Ender.


I mean, Jokers are really cheap right?

Aspect of the Dragon - Your Dragon attacks can’t be dodged by normal dodges. Whenever you block an attack or Joker while in Dragon Form, you may return a non-Joker card from your discard pile to your hand instead of drawing a card. (You can only play Dragon moves while in Dragon Form.)

At the start of the game, remove all Jokers from your deck and your opponent’s.

“Learning respect for others is as important as learning to fight honorably.”

Arena Cards

On Vendetta, his combos could do with a little more damage. His AAA needs to be the same as Grave’s AAA too, not fair that Grave has a better move for the same number of cards.

Onimaru should have complete unblockable status. He has a big sword, not thematically correct that you can block it. :wink:


Strictly speaking, this should probably also apply to Grave for similar reasons imo


Strictly speaking, it does. On his Destiny card.


Maybe Grave could just be mostly unblockable on the rest of his cards, since he’s using a sheathed sword and not at its full power.


You need to see the big picture here: no attack from any character should be blockable except by Rook’s special blocks.

Except Perse’s Aces. They should be blockable by throws and normal attacks.


Is there a way we can make attacks extra unblockable vs. Bubble Shield?


We can fix the Onimaru vs. Argagarg matchup by making his normal attacks pumpable with aces


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As we know menelker is very cheap, so in menelker games maybe all the cards in his and the opponent’s decks are changed to jokers.


Menelker isn’t any cheaper than any other character, he’s 10 dollars just like all Yomi decks (or a buck fifty digitally). Maybe the game would be more balanced if Menelker cost $20, that way you’d have to spend more money to play as him because he’s better.