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My current thinking is to leave chip in, but hide it in the matchup view. I also have some plans for making it take up less screen real-estate.

Also: Jaina January? Is that a typo? Or something I don’t know about (cause I’m new)?


Autocomplete strikes again, I suspect.


yes, autocorrect :wink:


I’ve added some styling, and added a bit more data to the move lists. I also integrated Gwen (thanks @BD_Corro!).

I also added combos for Jaina, and would be interested in more experienced players takes on them.

Oh, and now you can actually link to a specific matchup, which seemed like it could be nice for sharing observations.


Could you add a link to the first post so people don’t have to search for it every time there’s an update?

Also, I’d suggest trying to add info for Grave soon so that the entire Round 1 set is accounted for.


I’ve added the link to the first post. Good call on adding Grave next, I’ll do that when I get some time.


How can I directly contribute information to the website? My brain is a fountain of worthless knowledge, which includes precise information on every yomi character.


I just updated the site with some instructions. Let me know if there’s something in them that’s not clear.


If you’re trying to compare character speeds, it would be smart to add notes on moves that can be recurring.

For example:
Gwen vs Gloria.

Gwen has the fastest card, but Gloria has the second and third fastest. Gwen will eventually run out of her Queens or have a tough time drawing them. But Gloria’s Queen of Hearts can come back over and over. She can spam it if she feels like it. In a way Gloria is faster in that matchup.


Hmm. I’m not sure how something like that would fit. It’s more of a consequence of the interactions of abilities, rather than the raw data (which is currently the only thing on the site). It could go into the notes field for a particular move. Or maybe in a per-matchup notes field? Or a more dedicated strategy section (but there’s potentially other forums for that).


I would just put a star next to it indicating that it’s a move that is likely to get used over and over. There’s a bunch of them.

-Gloria: Ace of Hearts, Queen of Hearts, Jacks
-Menelker: Black Face cards (especially Q)
-DeGray: Ace Dodges
-Jaina: Q and A after 35 health is reached
-Lum: J and Q in particular
-Vendetta: 2, 7, K
-Geiger: J and Q
-BBB: Face cards at range (especially Q)

Then there’s some arguable ones like Grave Q, Midori Q, ect. I wouldn’t really mark those since getting them to return is more of a bonus than something you rely on.

Knowing that stuff is more important than just comparing the base speeds, imo.


-Persephone: Everything except jokers


We’re probably going to write a Book of Yomi with a short writeup for all 400 matchups someday


One page per matchup, 5 words per page. Fancy paper with leather binding. The front and back of the book both have different definitions of Yomi.


I just noticed it lists K+AAA as a valid Grave combo for 59 damage, lol. K+6J is the max, not just a “good” combo, unless I’m mistaken (it’s the same as K+K+). I’m not sure what a “good” combo from a K starter is; I don’t think it’s really a card you play as a combat reveal that often? I’m not a Grave player though, so I could be wrong.


KA or K56 is fine probably


Ah, oops! Good catch, I’ll fix it up.


Ok, fixed now.


I’ve got a couple feature suggestions:

Background Colors

This is hardly a deal-breaker either way, but it would be cool if the background color for each character’s info matched the main color of that character. For example, Grave would be blue, Jaina would be red, Midori green, and Rook grey. If you do that, maybe include a color blind mode as well that reverts it to being character-agnostic.

G. Panda

I’m considering buying the Panda vs G. Panda pack from the Sirlin Games store at some point, so I dug up the stats for G. Panda to make sure of what I’d be getting. It would be nice if G. Panda was included in this tool so that others don’t have to go through what I did to find the info.

However! In my opinion, G. Panda should not be included in the normal character select, and should instead be a toggle for Lum. Here’s my reasoning:

  1. G. Panda isn’t available on the digital version of Yomi, and most people using this tool probably don’t want to have to look past a character they can’t use to get to the ones they can.
  2. The Panda vs G. Panda pack is limited edition, so at some point it may become impossible for people to buy it; those people also wouldn’t want to have to look past a character they can’t use.
  3. Most of G. Panda’s moveset is identical to Lum’s, so it makes sense to have it be a toggle anyway.

One thing to consider is how to handle a matchup comparison between Lum and G. Panda. The main issues I see are that you currently can’t select a mirror match with the characters that are available (which makes sense, since that wouldn’t be very helpful) and that doing a move comparison between mostly identical characters would have a lot of redundancy. For the former, I would have G. Panda appear as an opponent if and only if you’ve selected Lum (otherwise Lum appears as an option instead, even for G. Panda). I don’t know how hard that would be to implement, but it seems like the best way to handle that. For the latter, maybe merge any identical moves on the list of moves and make it clear that they’re the same for both characters somehow? Then the ones that are different would stand out more.

I’m not familiar with github, but if you could help me get that set up I could put in any info you need for both characters except for the “best combos” and “good combos” (I’m not a Lum player, I’ve just been researching a limited-edition thing).


Ooh, I like the idea of different backgrounds. It’ll take me a little bit to wire it up. Is there an easy way of seeing the dominant color for each character? The wiki I’ve been using doesn’t have the card backs.

For G Panda: I think it would be doable to include it as an alternate skin when you’ve picked Lum. Again, I’ll need to do some rejiggering to get there.