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I’ve been silent about it up until now, but this week I decided to resume adding combos for the EX characters. A lot of them will probably be judgement calls if they aren’t max damage, though, so be warned that anyone experienced with a specific EX character may not like the choices I made. :smile:

I’d already added EX Valerie’s combos as a test case back last year (wow, how has it been 9 months??), but now I’ve also added combos for EX Grave, EX DeGrey, and EX Lum. I’ve also been making tweaks as I go along, like improving formatting or adjusting “good combos” for the normal characters.


Added EX combo data for Jaina and Argagarg, meaning the base cast is now complete as of 2nd Edition! Next will be the EX combos for the Shadows characters, then I’ll check to see if there’s anything that needs to be updated for the 1st Edition characters, G. Panda and Deathstrike Dragon, and then maybe I’ll add in the Cursed characters from 1st Edition.

As always, let me or vengefulpickle know if you find any mistakes or bugs so one of us can fix them!