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You need to call them like overrideMoves(<specify overrides here>).concat(<specify new moves here>).


OK, that makes sense. Do you know anything about the EX issue above, though? Or can you think of who might know? If I’m right that Rapid Poke into Dragonheart into TPoS is legal, then that completely changes EX Grave’s combos.


No, I haven’t played any of the EX characters extensively. I’d probably lean on the Steam game as the authoritative implementation, but I haven’t unlocked any either.


Hmm… I guess I’ll just need to grind out getting any of them that give me rules questions until I can either test them myself or someone else jumps in and says “here’s how it works.” I’ve made some decent progress toward getting EX Grave in the past, so I might as well start with him.


I have all ex characters. If I get time, I will test.


Thanks for the offer! However, since I hadn’t seen this post yet, I went ahead and asked on Discord. @GRAG confirmed that it does work how I thought by comboing 4 > Q > AAA. I’ll be updating the combos with that in mind! Looking at the math, I realized something that should have been obvious: Q > AAA is 40 damage, so it’s strictly worse to do 2 > Q > AAA compared to 2 > AAA. Oh well, at least we know now!


OK, I’ve gone through all the Destiny moves that are Starters or Linkers and given them combos. Won’t be able to add combos to other moves that use the Destiny moves (or any other EX/1st Edition differences) tonight, but hopefully I can work on that this week.


Did I say “this week”…? :sweat_smile:

I’ve attempted to add Valerie’s combos, since the main difference is just that she has 2 more combo points now, but despite getting no error message, the page refuses to load now. @vengefulpickle, what did I do wrong this time?


You needed


As usual, I figured it was something obvious. Though I noticed that the combo info for Flying Rainbow Stroke (K) isn’t updating… Even after I added the name of the move, which I saw you had done for First Edition Jaina’s Charged Shot.


Hrm… I’ll take a look and see if I can figure out what’s up.


Just tried a fix: namely, I corrected the name of the K to Flying Rainbow Stroke in the regular 2nd edition move list.


…Well, that would explain it. At least it works now!

Anyway, now that I know how to do this, I’ll work on the rest of them as I have time and motivation (no more silly claims like “this week”). Though I might as well ask this now: How should I handle EX Jaina’s combos? She can get 2 extra combo points using Overeager Vigor, but I don’t know if we should include combos that use those points… The closest equivalent I can think of is that we don’t use Temporal Distortion combos for Geiger because it’s tied to an ability he can’t always use, but as long as EX Jaina has life to burn, she can always get those extra combo points. On the other hand, it’s not like those points are free like EX Valerie’s extra combo points… I can’t decide, so I’ll leave this decision to you.


I was just thinking that it would be nice to add MU discussion to Yomibase. @Leontes, would you be willing/able to enable embedding in Discourse for the domain, and make a sub-forum for Matchup Analysis?


To follow up with anyone wondering about the answer to this: no embedding, so I’ve been thinking about adding character and MU hints to the data and interface directly. (In my copious spare time, of course :smile:)


Ah, my trick of liking a months-old post to bring attention back to it worked! :wink:


Firstly, I love yomibase! It’s a super helpful reference for the v3 discussion. Good work you guys!

Today I noticed that DeGrey’s 7* is listed as a [Combat Reveal] ability but it’s actually a [During Combat] ability on the card. As an aside, I think Gloria’s J* is the only ability that requires the card to be played in combat but doesn’t have [During Combat] as it’s timing. I also checked that one and you have it correctly listed as [End of Combat].


Thanks for the compliment and the correction! I’ve fixed that, though you’ll need to refresh the page to see the change.


Also just spotted some Quince corrections:

  • K throw is listed as “Righteous Tumbler” when it’s actually called “Crosswise Toss”

  • Consent of the Governed is listed as AA+A+A but its just a single pump (oh man do I wish you could pump it like that)


Ah, that must have been a case of accidentally copying the name of Q-Throw. I believe I often copied moves and edited them when I was entering data so I wouldn’t have to type all the formatting details over again, so that’s probably why it happened.

I bet you would! I actually played a casual game as Quince with a friend last night, so if I’d checked the Yomibase page right afterward I might have noticed that problrm myself… :sweat_smile:

Anyway, both are fixed and should show up correctly after a refresh.