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[Map King] Zhavier [Necromancy]/Truth/Discipline vs Shadow_Night_Black Mono-Purple at Vortoss Ruins


that was close, I was lucky to draw both the single Tricyloid and TD in the same hand when geiger could come back (as I learnt today that his max band targets…)

Also I get your half your VP rounded up, so 2 VP for me :slight_smile: The vortoss seem quite good at defending their ruins, even though this deck barely takes advantage of it :stuck_out_tongue:


Yea, the turn where I left Mac behind the lines instead of lookout, and you smoked him, I could have avoided that by just putting him in lookout but I didnt think it through.

Also I thought it was rounded down, didn’t check.


He still would have died, but it would have been less of a blow out at least.


how would he have died, out of curiosity? (P2T7)


Tech 0 card(s)
Get Paid - ($10)
Tricyleoid - ($5)
Geiger - ($3)
Tricyleoid pings SL for 1
Argo kills SL
Tri pings two other things
TD Tricyleoid for a Hyperion - ($1)
Hyperion kills Mac


Yea, that would have been more survivable. Plus mirror copying hyperion, great value.


TBF, putting him in Resist would lose to Hyperion into TD (hyperion kills SL, Argo kills Macciauts, TD into Tri to wipe rest of board including Quince), so whichever way you did it was gambling into one of them.


Looking back, I should have gambled you would avoid hyperion until you could be certain it wouldnt get copied by a mirror.


Like I said, putting him in Resist I could clear everything including quince (so no mirror copying) if I had the Hyperion into TD. With him back I achieve the same result with Tricycloid into TD, and in hindsight, the xenostalker tech for me should have been the normal Hyperion, and I’m still iffy on the Void star tech.