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[Map King] Zhavier [Necromancy]/Blood/Truth vs Shadow_Night_Black Mono-Purple at Vortoss Ruins


GG! I am amused at the apparent contortions you went through to get assimilate out, but its not all that surprising, I couldn’t capitalize on it with that voidstar out.

Also you didn’t need the nullcraft, you could have used void star to kill drakk and skeleton and immortal to break tech 2.

I will have to figure out a better counter to your purple player 2 as you are certainly the undisputed king of this hill, for now.


True about not needing the nullcraft, should have thought about that, but it does make a nice Sac the weak blocker, and its hard to say if I prefer the sac the weak blocking or the 1 attack pings…


They are both extremely annoying :stuck_out_tongue:

Crazy Map King-of-the-Hill