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Looking For Opponents in Omaha, NE


I’m a newbie Codicer… And I am generally uninterested in playing by forum. I’d like to find someone to play Codex with near me. Does anyone here live around Omaha that wants to experiment with some Codicering? :0

Ooooh, to clarify, I have a Deluxe Set of Codex.

And, if ye also play Yomi… that’s cool!


If you ever come over to Kansas City we could play. I know there are a few other people at the game store that play Yomi but I haven’t been able to stop in since Codex shipped.


My family actually lives in Omaha and I end up there a couple times every year typically around the holidays so if you ended up being free, I’d be down for both Codex and Yomi!


Hey, I’m an avid supporter/player of these games living in Omaha and I would love someone else to game with. Down to Yomi and Codex any time.

Edit: turns out pm’s aren’t a thing, so just reply and we can figure it out :smiley:


PMs are a thing, you just have to be a member of the forum for a little while, read a few posts, and you’ll get clearance eventually to send PMs.


I guess I’ll just lurk for a bit? When will I know haha?


You’ll get a notification from the site saying you reached level 1 or something.


Alright well Variable, I’ll just check this thread until I hit lvl 1. I’d love to hang out and play some codex. Just post here if you wanna make that happen


Aw, that sounds awesome, @Cerrus!! (And I probably should have checked the thread before replying to ye PM! :psyduck:) Let’s find a time to sail the Coddy Seas! I’m curious how close to reasonably I have evaluated the Codices I have perused. :techlab:


And, ooooh, didn’t realize thate, @flagrantangles! That could work out, too!! Just let me know when ye are going to be in town and such! That could brighten my holidaytimes! :zap:


Let’s see, I have December 23rd through January 2nd off so I will likely get into Omaha late on the 22nd or early on the 23rd. I will likely leave early on either December 30th or January 2nd. I’m going to presume that we’ll both have obligations on the 24th and 25th. I will probably be most free on the 27th, 28th, and 29th. I will mention that I don’t have a car or drive so I might be a bit of a pain in the ass to work around, logistically speaking. :frowning:


Oooh, that’s no probleme, flagrant! We’ll see how it develops, but I have a car so I can play around this logistical difficulty. :stuck_out_tongue: And, if none of those days end up working out, that’s alrighty! I wouldn’t want to prevent ye from going to a friend’s get-together or to a family event ye were looking forward to! But, if not, ye can defeat my Quince in person a few times - and maybe defeat me in Codex. :psyduck:


In it to win it! Or maybe I should say spin to win? :quince:

I’m pretty sure that I can work around whichever day we pick as long as I’ve got enough warning. I suspect that the 28th will probably be the easiest day since it’s at the midpoint between the holidays. Between all the sweet Yomi and Codex, I think we’ll be able to crank out a game or 12.


Just for clarification purposes, I am going to leave my copy of Codex at home when I travel to Omaha unless there’s a pressing reason I should bring it. Yomi, however, I can bring along since it’s not as space/weight intensive.


Not a problem, @flagrantangles!! I’ll bring my Codices over with me! And I’ll bring a few Yomis, just in case of (patriot) mirror matches. :0