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London (UK) Players?


Great time this afternoon with Dozenal - 4 games got played!


Hey I’m back if anyone fancies a game in person in the UK somewhere. I have a car now so I’m much more available to play. Though I’m still in the north east so can’t like… traverse the globe.


Hey, if anyone is near the Docklands or Excel centre in London then I’d be happy to meet up on a weekday evening somewhere nearby.


Cool! Me and Dozenal meet up very regularly to play Codex. We are both in north London area.


Sounds great. @dozenal and I have met up in central once before which was fun. I’d like to try and arrange something semi-regular in central London if you would be willing?

I’m planning a few months ahead for this as I have a new born due this month so the little guy will be my priority over games :slight_smile:

Perhaps we could arrange something for May/June time after work in central London when things settle down for me?


Yeah, I’m keen! After Easter I will be moving to south London, and Dozenal is coming from north London, so somewhere central would be good


May and June work great for me, although May is probably a bit better. Tbh, doing both would be great! What dates are you guys free?


North east UK, England, or London? Just trying to work out how feasible it is to meetup :slight_smile:


May/June sounds great, let’s work something out in central London nearer the time then.


@snoc @Plum @Fenrir @thehug0naut @Jadiel @Alextfish @Otsdarva
It’s codex time for you.


I am physically incapable of planning that far in advance, but London is close enough for a trip when stuff happens.


Scratch me up as another player in the North East! Living in Leeds, working in Sheffield.


Are there any players out towards Surrey? Wimbledon/Kingston/Surbiton type area?


Hi all! I’m another London codex player, though pretty new (and totally new to the forum). I’m also interested in meeting up for some games in London, quite flexible since I live and work here. Any takers? :slight_smile:


I’m up in Yorkshire, but I can see if I have free time the next time I’m down in London. That might be a while.