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Live Fast and Undie Young [Single Day Tourney]


Hey hey! We’re one week away from this event! So far, the following people have expressed interest:


This puts us at a nice even 8 players for the tournament so far! Of course, if anyone else wants to sign up, the tournament will be open up until start time!

Speaking of, @Caralad also said they would be interested but that the start time is a little too early. Would all of you be ok shifting the start time one hour later, to 7pm UTC? Let me know!


I would strongly prefer not to shift the start time, but it won’t preclude me from playing.


update: work has just changed and I can make the start time.


Update: sadly I’m not going to be able to make this.


It looks like I won’t be able to participate either.


@Zqxx what about a reschedule? I can partecipate, but atm we are down to 7.


I swear, if you guys reschedule now, when I could have been in bed three hours ago…

(No, seriously, that’s on me. But I have been awake for almost 36 hours now and I’m beginning to feel pretty undead myself, so if I don’t get to play tonight after all this method acting I will be a bit miffed. :smile: )


@legion I thought me joining would now make it 8, assuming zqxx was playing too.


iirc w were at 8 before with you 9 -snoc and hobusu is 7.
Still, imo we should play, arthur time deserve respect and consideration.


Ah i missed Hobusu


If you need one more, I’ll throw myself into the mix.


Fenix 3-0 @desiderata

:menelker: > :menelker:
:menelker: > :gwen:
:menelker: > :gwen:


Zqxx vs @Caralad




@ArthurWynne vs @snoc


:gwen:>:menelker: x3


@Legion vs MR


:menelker: > :gwen:
:menelker: > :gwen:
:menelker: < :gwen:
:menelker: < :gwen:
:menelker: > :gwen:

It was a pleasure to play (and to lose :sweat_smile: ) vs you!

GGs mate!


Legion vs @FenixOfTheAshes

I win 3-2


A zig zag pattern. Everytime i won i played DSD, the first 2 times i pu and played it naked, scarring fenix. The third time i dodged knowing he was triggered XD

Legion vs @ArthurWynne Finale

I win 3-0


Respect and ggs to both!
Ty very much @Zqxx for this tournament! KEep up with the good stuff!


Congratulations to @Legion for winning the event!

He is hereby inducted into the hall of fame with the title the Ultimate Undead! He now has THREE entries into the Single Day Tourney Hall of Fame!

A HUGE thank you to everyone who showed up and played! This could not have happened without you!

I apologize profusely for showing up late to my own event; I was plagued by technical problems. Thank you to everyone for being patient and understanding.

I hope to see you all for future single day tournaments!


The final Challonge bracket can be found here:

Please note that the R1 match between @snoc and @ArthurWynne is not on there!


Congrats to @Legion for his new victory!

Thanks to all partecipants and @Zqxx (and in general to all TOs) for keeping this one alive!



You got DSD a lot because of good hand management, I learned a thing or two about Menelker from your play for sure. And yeah, in the last game I wasn’t sure whether you had DSD but I just told myself I couldn’t get hit by raw DSD three times. XD

Yomi’s a fun game, feels good to be playing again. :slight_smile: