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[LDT] sKiTTer (Demonology + Future & Law) RathyAro (finesse + peace & truth)


Ditto on @zhavier’s offer, happy to spar with either you @sKiTTer or @Salrane


Excellent. Let me bang out another hundred flash cards and then we can get those going. How does determining turn order work with these casual games?


Typically both players start by getting a random number from 1 to 100 using, with the higher number going first. From there, alternating player 1 and 2 is common.


I only just got around to reading this match, but the Glaxx/Reavers being used through board clears was really cool, and something I hadn’t seen before. This was a really fun match to read through: lots of drama, lots of maxbands, lots of weenies. And @rathyAro won with Appel Stomp! I never see that, either!

I agree with your assessment on the two big mistakes (lack of Assimilate or Jurisdiction for Assimilate, not boosting Gargoyle). I think if you had caught those ahead of time it would have been even more interesting to read through!

For Gargoyle in particular, you can even have the Gargoyle revert to stone first, then have the Vandy doom-death trigger (since they’re both upkeep triggers); “dying” will exhaust the Gargoyle, effectively disabling it, but it’ll still be around a couple turns later. (:

I’m looking forward to spectating future matches!


Thank you! I’m always on the lookout for unintuitive synergies; hearing I might be the first (on this forum at least) to use this strategy is wonderful. Now I just need to develop the skill required for its execution. Needing to protect tech buildings makes “allow opponent to develop their board then wipe it” strategies extra difficult to thread the needle with.

Yes, I’ve enjoyed annoying Salrane with that Gargoyle/Vandy synergy. That and Judgment Day also each heal the Garg, which can be nice against Towers and such. Vandy’s maxband has a number of fantastic targets in this codex: Gargoyle, Gilded Glax, Stinger tokens, Twilight Baron on the turn you build Tech II, even Justice Juggernaut (especially if he’s already close to his first death anyway). With the help of Soul Stone, a Reaver can be a 3/7 during its vulnerable turn.

Another thing to note is how Sacrifice the Weak rarely costs this deck a unit. One’s own units being invalid sacrifice targets really frees up its use with Vandy maxband to either kill the enemy unit you’re forced to buff before they have a turn to use it, or to buff their weakest unit’s attack and get a surprise StW on an otherwise-safe unit.


The stomps were probably just worse than the boot camps in terms of reliability but stomp just seems so cool lol