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Jaina's Unstable power for attacks only?


Can Jaina’s Unstable power only be used for attacks? That’s how Ive been playing it, since the text says “combat revealed attack”, but have noticed Jaina strategy guides recommending its use with non attacks eg throws.


You can only rotate combat revealed attacks. But you can still reveal whatever you want. If you reveal a throw, you can’t rotate that, but if it wins combat (hits the opponent) you still get your two aces. Same with revealing a dodge which beats the opponent’s attack and you follow up, you get your aces.

Also, it doesn’t matter if you deal no damage (because of a combo escape joker or whatever), as long as you hit your opponent you’re good.


The strat guide may be from first edition. You are playing it correctly - you must reveal something attack-side to rotate it.


Thanks folks!