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IYL7 SIGNUP/HYPE THREAD - Starts Feb 3 - Signups Close 2/1


Also, out of curiosity, how has the PuzzleStrike community been doing?


There’s only a couple of players left, as far as I can tell. I was running a weekly forums matchmaking thread, but there were too few players to sustain it.


That’s too bad.


Am tempted but have been having problems with Yomi on my PC. Continually crashes.


Thanks for the ding @vengefulpickle


Sure. EST Evenings preferred.


Have you tried verifying your cache in steam?


I’m in, buttercups! I can play weekday evenings and weekend mornings in CST.


I think so? I’ve tried reinstalling. Will give the cache thing a shot.


Yeah, reinstall should have done it, if the cache was a problem. I think when it crashes it dumps a log-file… I’d be happy to take a look at that and give it my non-professional opinion on what might be the issue.