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Hi all!
Chemistry graduate living in Salt Lake City, Utah. I’ve played Yomi for a few years, mostly IRL but occasionally on steam. Right now I’m more interested in learning Codex. I own the deluxe set and have played a few 1v1 and 3v3 games. I’m looking forward to getting trounced in some play-by-forum matches! Outside of of sirlin games, I play a lot of Android: Netrunner. Hit me up if you play on


Hey, I recently got around to making an account here. I had one on what looks like an older site, doesn’t seem to be in as much use now, but life became too busy, especially with losing my computer, that I couldn’t keep up there and with everything else. Came to this site after finding out about Codex, so I’m planning on looking into that some. The layout is pretty different, but hopefully I don’t mess up with my posts too bad.


@Jude did you used to play Killer Instinct (1) on Zbattle and post about it on SRK? I remember Jude being a KI player.


@SirHandsome: That was me. I was never really a competitive KI player but there was a lot that I liked about the game, despite it being horribly broken. I didn’t learn to play fighting games competitively until I started playing other games though. For some reason (good marketing I guess) I was really into KI when it came out even though I didn’t play other fighting games at the time. I should play it again, it’s been a long time. I would be playing the new one but I haven’t bought a new computer yet and don’t own any modern consoles.

I just logged into my SRK account again. It’s weird looking back at old post you don’t remember writing.


Been awhile since I was on here. I’m in the DFW area in Texas, USA. I want to dust off my cobwebs for CODEX. I have lots of free time.


Hello everyone.

I’m a life long gamer and have been playing games since I was five. I’m over 40 now. I became aware of Sirlin Games when a friend re-introduced me to modern boardgames. He recommended me Dominion, so I checked it out. It missed the conflict/confrontation that I like in most of my games so I started doing research. I found about Puzzle Strike which I purchased and have played numerous times as well as Flash Duel and my older copy of Yomi. Before my resurgence in the world of boardgames, I used to play the hell out of video games. One of my favorites was Puzzle Fighter, so taking a liking to Puzzle Strike was almost automatic. I found out about Codex sometime last year and while I did not Kickstart it, I picked it up after it was released retail. Codex is what brought me to these forums.


Hi all, another Australian here (I spotted at least a couple of others in the posts above).
I’m from Perth, Western Australia and have been getting into Yomi recently, although I’ve also dabbled Puzzle Strike. I play mostly on the train to/from work and whenever I can grab a spare moment outside of work and family. I enjoy watching people play fighting games but I know I’ll never have the time to really develop the dexterity for one, so Yomi is a great fit.


Might want to look into sirloins current project Fantasy Strike. It’s in pre alpha but very playable and fun.


Hi all, my name is John

I’ve owned Yomi since the Complete First Edition was first available for sale in the UK (I live in a tiny town not far from London), but I have played the game a criminally small amount in that time.

To make amends for such abhorrent behaviour, I recently purchased the Steam version and expansion and have been playing, with varying degrees of success, against the bot and other humans. It seems that much like my playstyle in video fighting games, I gravitate towards rushdown and grappling, and as such consider Setsuki to be my main and Rook to be my second.

If you see me in-game and fancy murderizing someone, give me a shout and I’ll be more than happy to oblige. Alternatively if you live in the Stevenage area, feel free to message me we can arrange your murderizing me using real-life, honest-to-goodness Yomi cards!


@Kirandio, I am also from Hoston, Tx. A friend of mine recently introduced me to Codex and I’ve been absolutely hooked ever since - would you be interested in meeting up some time to learn/play Codex?


@NikoBolas does that mean you’re from houston :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No but I made some friends while living in San Antonio for 3 years! I miss Texan bbq…


Damn it, now you got me all teary eyed!


Hello. I’ve played Pandante and recently started playing Codex. Looking forward to getting in some games in the future!


I’m going to necromance this thread, since I’m quite new in these parts.

I’m 32, a software engineer, and in the Boston, MA, USA area. I found out about Yomi when reading someone’s analysis of For Honor where they linked to Sirlin’s post on level of balance of the 20 Yomi decks. I got a chance to play at PAX East '17 (and hit up the FSFG both as well). Since then, I’ve gotten most (but not all) of the physical Yomi decks, introduced it to several folks at work, and volunteered to run IYL5, mainly because I wanted to play in it.

I haven’t yet played any other Sirlin games (except FSFG, which I’m subscribed to on Patreon) but I’m looking forward to getting a chance to play them one of these days.

EDIT: Also, I have a 4 year old, so I apologize in advance if I suddenly pause a game and disappear for some minutes.

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