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My name is Bruce.

I created, or helped create or found, things such as:

(yeah, I need to move some of those to the new forums)

I was once recognised as a community ambassador and have been around long enough to know what the KFC Combo FAQ is and that used to have a money as a mascot.

I used to play Yomi and once beat Garcia (true story), and almost beat Sirlin at Kongai.

I still enjoy Yomi, but find it too thinky for my liking. Now I mostly wait for Fantasy Strike (fighting game), which is an actual thing now (yay), and go on hiatuses like a Japanese manga artist.


Hello everyone, I go by FenixOfTheAshes, or just Fenix (Fee-nicks) for short. My favorite Sirlin game is Yomi, and I’ve been fairly active in it over at fantasystrike, in tournaments and on the forums, since I stumbled upon this game a little over a year ago. My proudest Yomi accomplishment is winning the IYL 4 Yomi Bowl.

IRL I’m a freshman attending the University of Illinois in Springfield. My other hobbies include playing tennis and ping pong, watching anime (is there still an anime thread here??), reading, and playing a variety of games on my PC and Wii U (Smash and RPGs mostly). When Codex gets a (good) online implementation I’ll be sure to try that out more extensively, and I’m at least curious about the FS Fighting Game as well.

I was a little put-off by the transition to these new forums, and I’ll admit they’re a little confusing to me as I’d only ever used fantasystrike forums before, but I’m sure I’ll be able to adapt. Not sure how active I’ll be in terms of playing, but I’ll be checking up on the forums and if/when the desire to join a tournament strikes me I will do so. The Yomi community is pretty great and I’m glad it looks like we’ll be able to continue most of what we had at fantasystrike over here.

I look forward to meeting and potentially competing with you all!


Hi, I’m a French guy living in New York. I’m new to these forums, and they’re a bit confusing to me, but I look forwards to adapting and joining the community here.


Hey everyone! Will (aka Frozenstorm) here, 28 y.o. Web developer working out of my house in the twin cities.

I read Sirlin’s blog and book back in '08/9 when I was playing DotA competitively, and I enjoyed SSF2HDR even though I was pretty bad at it. I’ve played yomi casually and have recently really gotten into the podcast and board games, and have probably played as much codex play by post as anybody else here. I’m always happy to play a game with a new player and offer my feedback, as I like having a strong player pool here in the forums!

I’m really excited for codex to arrive, as I think it has a lot of potential to be a big deal in the card game scene (I certainly think it is superior to MtG in every way!) I just finished sleeving my print and play set, so I’ll have 2 sets of every spec to bring to local board game groups and show the game off!


Hey all! I’m Calvin, currently residing in Long Island and going to school for computer programming. I also dabble in game design (OverRealm – my current project) for the fun of it.

My brother introduced me to Sirlin’s games and now I own all of them. Codex is my absolute favorite. It’s MtG with serious legs. Looking forward to sinking my teeth into its depths for a long while.


Hello! I’m Disco.
In Yomi, I just turtle. :argagarg:
In Puzzle Strike, I also like to live dangerously. :chibilum:
In Flash Duel, I prefer going mad. :chibizane:
I played Pandante once. I lied. It was fun. I want to play it again. :lum:
In Codex, uh… :nauticaldog:? I haven’t played enough of it yet, but I like Blue alot. :codexhayes:

I will also play Grave in any Fantasy Strike game because he is the fundamentals character. :grave:


Hello everybody, my name is Jude. I’ve been at least tangentially around Sirlin’s stuff for a long time. Came from the fighting game community but haven’t played them competitively for about 10 years. Besides feeling old when I typed that I also played a lot of Puzzle Strike when we were all working on the 3rd edition. If you want to know more about my life story just ask.

I disappear for a little bit and a lot changes. I still had the tab for the other forums open in my browser, I’d just been ignoring it because I was trying to be productive.

Also, I’m living in Kansas City at the moment if anyone happens to be close.


What fighting game(s) did you play competitively?


I’ve posted in a couple places here, but thought I’d write up a formal introduction.

I’m Aaron! I’m a software engineer, 24 years old. I live near Portland, OR and I’m bad at games. Puzzle Strike and Codex are two of my favorite games to be bad at.

Off the tabletop, I play a lot of rhythm games, also badly. I wish there were any arcade rhythm games in Portland.


Around the end of highschool I was spending less time with RPGs and more time with action games. I was playing other games with friends on zbattle and randomly played a few games of Street Fighter 2 and got rocked by stuff I’d never seen and didn’t know was possible. It was pretty basic stuff but my only previous experience was just jumping roundhouses and spamming fireballs when I was in junior high. I was infatuated and started looking for stuff online. Ran into SRK obviously and was like “Holy crap they made a Street Fighter 3!?!” Third Strike also happened to be the only game my local arcade had, so that was the game that I really learned to play competitively on. Learned the basics from a guy named Nick, the only regular besides me and my friend. This was early 2003. I started playing Super Turbo and HD Remix a lot more though just because I preferred it. Went to tournaments around the Midwest fairly often but 2008 wass the only year I went to Evo. I always enjoyed watching Marvel and Guilty Gear but never really put time into them. </Life Story>

Tldr: 3S and ST


@Jude you are going to love Fantasy Strike


That’s a great story! Instead of getting bogged down because you got beat, you wanted to learn more. Can’t think of a better mentality for playing fighting games! 3S and ST are awesome games, BTW, and like you, I prefer ST/HDR.

I second this. I’ve played Fantasy Strike it with someone that is a total noob at fighters, and for once in my life, it wasn’t totally free to defeat them because they could actually do their special moves!


Hey there. I’ve played a bit of Puzzle Strike in the past, and been mostly trounced in a very small handful of Codex games. I’m really looking for very, very basic strategy tips, since the game is a bit overwhelming with its massive decision tree.


This might seem trite, but I think playing some good old Starter Set Bashing vs. Finesse is a great learning tool for beginners. It’s kind of like each player is playing with a standard 3 spec codex, except each codex is compressed to contain just what you need. Both armies are reasonably balanced against each other, as well.

Also, I think a good basic skill to get down is seeing which cards in your starter deck are good for hiring as workers; in other words, look for cards that lose value quickly as the game goes on. For example, I made the mistake of playing Fruit Ninja in a Starter Set game too late, and then keeping him around too long in my deck after he died. This made me have worse draws in a game where you have pretty tight control over your deck, and I kind of shot myself in the foot by doing this: I ending up losing, and I think Fruit Ninja may have contributed towards it in a small way.

Conversely, don’t discount a card’s late game value just because it’s a starter deck card. If you play against a good player using a White Starter, you’ll know what kind of cards I’m talking about. *COUGHAgedSenseiCOUGHSnapback* Man…whew! Sorry for the coughing fit. I had something annoying me in my throat.

I’m pretty much a noob at Codex, so I’ll let others tell you about more detailed stuff. That’s just something that I learned within my first two games, and I’ve been keenly aware of it ever since. Heck, you might already know this! :smiley:


Hi. I’ve been following Sirlin Games for a while but was never really active on the community. I own Yomi 1st Edition, Yomi 2nd Edition, Codex Starter + Core, and Yomi on browser, iOS and Steam.

Maybe one day I’ll meet some of you guys and gals at FSX in person :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey all! Persephone here, known as Green Bug on the old forums. Stranded just north of Cincinnati, Ohio after our local game shop closed down. (I was away at college, it wasn’t my fault!) I am a gentle and sensitive person who loves playing games, both because I enjoy thinking through tricky strategies and because it gives me a socially acceptable way to brutally crush people.

I come from a family of board- and card- gamers. I’ve been taking games seriously in some capacity since I was 9, when I played chess competitively. (Never got past 1100~1200 elo, though.) I got into Magic after losing too much to my neighbors at Pokémon cards, which carried me through high school. I never actually got into the competitive Magic scene (first because I didn’t understand how Psychotog decks worked and their limitless supply of free counterspells scared me, then because of the Affinity metagame) but I did playtest with classmates who did, while devouring all of the game design articles published on the old WotC website.

I stayed away from fighting games after a bad experience with an arcade cabinet, which took my 50¢ and then blatantly cheated by grabbing, blocking, and throwing fireballs while all I had were “punch” and “kick” buttons.

Later, I heard about competitive Melee and thought that sounded interesting, until I read further and found you were only supposed to play Fox and Sheik (my least favorite characters) and you needed to abuse glitches just to walk around.

I played in exactly one Brawl tournament, because I heard in Brawl they’d taken out wavedashing. They did, except somehow Snake’s mortar animation or something gave him access to an equivalently ludicrous movement speed. (They’ve fixed that particular glitch for Smash 4, at least.)

Anyway! A coworker introduced me to Puzzle Strike a few years ago, then a few things happened, and I ended up at home all day with nothing better to do than log ~400 hours playing Puzzle Strike on the old website, ultimately winning a small online tournament, which I attribute to sleeping in until just before it started and thus being the only person fully awake in the last rounds.




Only just seen this thread. Guess I should do this:

I’m from the UK, currently aged 33. A proud Northerner who grew up in Yorkshire, came further north to Durham to go to Uni, and fell in love with the place - together with a girl who did the same and got a job in Durham, we’re now married with 2 kids (one aged 3, the other just 4 weeks old as I write) and still live in Durham, with no plans to move away.

My gaming background: I played chess in quite a big way as a teenager, but was never really that good. Quite enjoyed a lot of traditional card games as well - so when I discovered bridge at about age 17, that became a passion. (I haven’t played in a long time, but I still love bridge, whereas I can’t see myself ever playing chess again.) I dabbled in a few other games before, in 2011, my wife and I together discovered modern board games, as represented by the boardgamegeek site. We’ve been hooked ever since :slight_smile:

Both of us, and my wife in particular, are more into “Euro”-style games. (Terra Mystica is my favourite game by a long way.) But lateish in 2011 while browsing BGG I heard about Puzzle Strike, and from there soon heard about Yomi. My personal gaming tastes veer a lot towards card games and asymmetric games, as well as Euros, although my wife not so much - so I soon decided I wanted Yomi. My wife, despite them not being her type of game, kindly got me Yomi, PS and Flash Duel for Christmas in 2011 - but sadly while I really like the idea of both Yomi and PS (Flash Duel seems to have less that makes it special), my wife really wasn’t a fan (especially of Yomi :frowning: ) so all 3 have joined the many games on our shelves that don’t get played.

Despite this, I still was interested in Codex when I first read about it on BGG, and after the kickstarter launch I decided that I had to have it, as even if no-one else would play it with me I could hopefully play it with our son in 10 years or so. Initially I was just going to get the Core+Starter, but was so hooked after reading all the articles on individual specs at that I ended up getting the Deluxe set - despite the lack of any opponents.

So, I love all sorts of board and card games, and play plenty of them on a regular basis. But I don’t get to play any Sirlin games, even though I am now the proud owner of Deluxe Codex and would love nothing more than to have someone to play it with regularly.


Bill Bryson wrote very favourably about Durham in both his books about Britain, and was the chancellor of the university there for some time.

I’ll have to visit one day!


Yes, he was chancellor for part of the time I was there (as an undergrad and then a postgrad I was a student all the way from 2001 to 2010!).

Durham’s one of those places I think everyone should visit - although you’re much better off in the summer (for both decent weather and for the place not to be heaving with students :wink: )