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Trojanrabbit here. American in San Francisco. Board game enthusiast that designs board game AI for freelance as well as for my own amusement. Lately I’ve been considering diving into the the briar patch of creating a digital rules-enforced version of codex.

Poker players may know me as one of the principal authors of the poker books Kill Everyone and The Raiser’s Edge.


I can’t imagine anyone here would argue against a rules-enforced Codex! (So long as you don’t expect to be paid for it, at least not up front ; )


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Greetings from Denver, CO!

I am a geek of gaming in general, and love competitive excellence and solid design wherever I can find them. I’ve dabbled in most genres to a greater or lesser degree, but there are a few I’ve avoided, waiting for the right game. CCGs were one of those . . . until now. I saw the plug for the Codex kickstarter on Erfworld a while back, and the pitch made all the right noises – I thought, “Wow! That could be the one. Better grab a copy.” And promptly forgot about it for several months. :slight_smile:

My main competitive game is Descent, and has been for the last three years. It’s a tiny but fierce community, and staying near the top takes up pretty much all the time in my life I’m willing to allot to games. That’s okay, though; it’s the rare game that comes along that I want to seriously pick up. Most games I’ll play for a couple weeks, learn what they have to teach me, and move on. Anyway, a couple months back, one of my fellow players pointed me to Play To Win, which really struck a chord with me. With a lot of us, really; I was amused to recognize people I knew and experiences I had had in most of the chapters. At one of our recent gatherings, I would stand and read aloud one of the archetypes chapters and then say to the room, “Who is that???” and we would all look at someone in the room. Or I would walk up to someone and say, “Hey guess what, you’re in a book!” and start reading their chapter to them. It was uncanny. :slight_smile: The chapter on scrubs in particular was passed around to much general snickering and assent. I thought, man, what a great book, this guy gets it, how rare and how delightful!

And at some point clicking around the site of the guy who wrote that book I like, I noticed he made games. Well that’s worth checking out, they aren’t gonna suck. And I saw Codex!

Oh man oh man oh man, I thought the design commentary had shown understanding, but I had no idea how much! This is gonna be great! I immediately regretted getting the core set instead of the whole thing.

So now it’s here, and I’m super excited. I’ve played a few games face up on the couch against myself, and I’m super super excited. This is really nicely done, and . . . I have literally no experience in the genre. No friends who play. No local connections. Zip. Nothing. I am hoping to get my brother in law or my husband or someone into it so I have someone to play against, and we’ll see how that goes. But this is really cool! I wish to learn! There is clearly a lot of excellence here, and everything I know about it is by analogy with strats. I laughed out loud at one of my face up games the other night – I called my husband over and was like “Check it out, AIR RUSH!” and he watched for a couple turns and was like, “Sure enough, so it is.” Haha, great! Ingenious! It captures it so well!

Anyway. I’m actually here for rules clarifications and such, as there are a handful of rules lawyery discussions I have had with myself that have gone nowhere, so the threads on that are super helpful. And hey! Play by post! That sounds great! I would love to get in on that. I am game to get the stuffings beat out of me while I learn what ABCs I am missing from CCGs that strats don’t teach. :slight_smile:

But um – great game, you guys. Great job. Truly refreshing to see design with competitors in mind. It is so common to focus on casual first these days, and even when I’m going to play a game casually (as, let’s be honest, I’m probably going to play this one . . . :wink: ), it’s so wonderful to feel the weight of something intended to hold up to intense pressure. I wish you every success, and I hope to learn what I can as long as I’m here. :slight_smile:


Hi, I finally made an account over here too.

I’ve been playing Yomi for almost 4 years now and don’t plan to stop anytime soon. If you’re new to Yomi, expect to taste some of my sweet sweet *bunks sooner or later.

I also helped with playtesting Codex, and though I haven’t really been part of the PbP community in the last 4 months, I plan to get right back into playing over webcam as soon as my deluxe set gets here.

IRL, I’m part of the Columbus Ohio Yomi crew, along with Juushichi, Silmerion, and several other people that haven’t made it over here and I can’t tag in this post. If you’re in the area, hit me up for a board game meetup, the local shop is pretty swell.


Hello, I am Japanese YOMI player. Called “Titus_Neighbors”.
There is no other Kasumi, so I changed in this Forum.
But Kasumi is not real name.

I always thank for the goodwill of everybody.
I participated in FSX2013,2014 alone.
I am not English speaker, sometimes typo, wrong grammar, missreading.
But everybody kind to me thanks.

I am most strange friend of Geiger. :stuck_out_tongue:
I choose him by all Sirlin games works.

I like boardgames.
Ofcourse YOMI is my best!
But I like Puerto Rico, Battle Line, Last will etc.
I don’t know how to play Go,Shogi and many classic games.
I play minor classic game Goita.
l don’t like mathematics games.RftG, Ingenious make me hysteria. lol
Flash Duel is difficult for me, but I will challenge it.

My other hobby is Dolls :stuck_out_tongue: .
I have many SupperDollfie, and 1/6size dolls.
Yes, I have Valerie and Geiger. But still unfinished yet, lol.

And the other is reading and watching rétro games.(80’s-90’s)
I only listen Game music. I like ZUNTATA , GAMADELIC.


You finally get to be Kasumi!!!


It’s not a real forum until Kasumi is a part of it.


Now that my intro couldn’t be more overshadowed,

Howdy - I’m Barnaby T. Jones, longtime lurker and fan of Sirlin games in southeast Wisconsin. First heard about the site from maybe an MtG forum, really dug his views on game design and competitive play. This got me into Guilty Gear and fighting games in general, which got me interested in Yomi, his only game in (public) development at the time, back when Valerie still had that crazy poofy hair. Big fan of everything he’s made, though I haven’t played Pandante yet.

When Sirlin publicly announced Codex, I got incredibly hype, because I was disillusioned with MtG for a lot of reasons. After four agonizing years, playtest files went up on Patreon, and I windmill slammed the support button. Currently awaiting my Deluxe Set (it’ll look great next to my Patreon set and print-and-play files,) the Tabletopia mod, and any other developments it may see!


Hey folks! I’m a 27 yo male from Brazil and I discovered Yomi at a Street Fighter tournament at Rio de Janeiro (August 2016). I wasn’t able to play the game there, but seeing its description on the box as a “fighting card game” got me very interested. I always loved card games and I’m a recent enthusiast in fighting games, so why not both right? I only played a couple of Yomi games online and I’m still trying to get the hang of it, but I’m loving the process .

I hope I can meet really nice people in this community and spread the awesomeness that is Yomi to my friends.

See you online!


Hello youngbloods.

I’m the Internet’s Eternal Phenomenon, the Mystic Deadman. You can call me MD, though, so you don’t confuse me with a certain traitor.

Real name’s Sam, and I’m a native Texan. I don’t get the opportunity to play Yomi in the real way, so the online client’s a great way for me to do that. You can often catch me either in casuals or as the HYPEMAN in tournament play.

(I’m the one holding up the signs in the front row)

Aside from that, you might be able to catch me playing Overwatch on PS4, and I’ll be starting a Let’s Play of XCOM 2 with the Fantasy Strike Universe soon.


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I’m Fivec (f-eye-vek), a 30-year-old Setsuki player living in L.A. I’m pretty good at Yomi until someone picks Troq against me. Also, I’m an aspiring screenwriter and probably one of the top three angriest people in the community when I lose (whoops on both counts!).



I’ve only been table into tabletop gaming for about a year and a half. Playing Small World for the first time is what got me into it, however, I had heard of Sirlin Games before, because it’s been mentioned multiple times on Penny Arcade. I had also played Pandante at a Penny Arcade party one time after mentioning that I liked Poker. I got Pandante last year, though I don’t get much chance to play it (two guys in my regular group don’t like it :frowning:). I backed Codex when Tycho wrote a post about it on Penny Arcade a while ago. Now I can’t wait to finally have it in my hands so that I can convert the energy spent anticipating it to energy spent trying to convince friends to actually play it with me!


I guess this explains a little more of where your knowledge and taste in movies comes from lol


Hey! I’m semi-active on the PA forums (same username). Maybe we’ve bumped into each other in the Board Gaming thread? I also occasionally show up in the D&D [chat] thread.


Hi all,

I’m a graduate student in Davis, CA. I discovered Yomi/Sirlin in 2011, and played Yomi to death for the next year. Midori is my favorite original character, but I enjoy them all these days. I haven’t been a regular online since 2012ish, but I’ll still pop up every once in a blue moon.

Yomi introduced me to the wide world of board gaming, and I will forever be grateful. I enjoy all of Sirlin’s games immensely, except for Pandante, which I disliked. I was so excited about Codex when I played it at the first FSX (even though I was strategically inept then), and now that it’s here, I’m motivated to rejoin the community for a time. However, I’ll never again be interested in theory crafting beyond a surface level. If you see me online, feel free to break through my social anxiety, and let’s enjoy a game or two (of anything) and have some laughs!


@olanmills was at FSX! We met him irl


Oh! Damn my crappy memory for faces…


Yes, I was also at FSX. I didn’t spend a whole
lot of time there because I was also doing other business in SF at the
time, but I enjoyed the opportunity to finally play Codex and play
Pandante with more people!. Thanks to those of you who helped me run through the first game.

@mysticjuicer I am not very active on the PA forums, and I don’t think I’ve ever posted in the board gaming thread.