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Whoa! That’s super-rad! I didn’t realize we had that much reach.

You’re not a cat, you’re a witch! :open_mouth:


I’ve been around for quite a bit and am mostly playing Codex and Yomi now.
Considering how long I’ve been playing Yomi, I should be a better player by now - welp! :smiley:

I’m a German guy, late twenties now; thanks for making a new forum so I have an opportunity to update THAT info.

I’ve been working at a games company in administrative positions for a couple years and recently made the jump to a junior game designer position.

I’m into digital and tabletop games (duh) and am also dabbling in D&D. I have played a couple fighting games but never got a skill level at which I would have called myself competent. Looking forward to the Fantasy Strike FG and Pocket Rumble for that reason.
Also eagerly awaiting my Codex Delux set. drool


Hi, I’m Redless. I live in Northfield, Minnesota, where I attend college. I played Yomi in the past, but I don’t really now.


Hi! I’m mostly a lurker here. I’m a professional cook living in the Twin Cities.

Initially I heard about Sirlin after being linked to his now-infamous play-to-win articles from a dota forum back in college. I thought Yomi sounded interesting and had a ton of spare magic cards, sleeves and access to a college library’s printer, so I printed off Yomi (back when DeGray was still Slayer) and proceeded to play the heck out of it with my roommates. Despite tons of time playing the game up through the release I’ve never been very good at it. :unamused:

In the last few years, Puzzle Strike has become one of my favorite games, despite the occasional graveyard that is the online scene. I can’t wait for my Codex Deluxe set to arrive.


Hi, I am a 33 year old father of four in Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia.

Flash Duel was my first try at Sirlin Games. It has a spot reserved on my gaming shelf, along with Puzzle Strike and Yomi. These are some of the best games I own and I am always impressed with them.

I love-love-love fighting games. I have been playing mostly Tekken and MKX recently. I am a little over Street Fighter, have not even played SF5 yet. I have also liked tabletop games for a long time. I love games like Yomi for giving me a fighting game experience but without the execution worries. I am excited for Fantasy Strike for this reason as I keep hearing good things about it.

I really want to get Codex, but when the money is available it always goes somewhere else. Will get there eventually, but until then I have Puzzle Strike and Yomi to keep me company.


I’m Eric. I live in Denver.

I originally heard of Sirlin through his articles on Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, back when they were new. I found them fascinating, since I had played a ton of the Street Fighter II series on the SNES as a kid.

I rediscovered those articles, and the many other articles/podcasts/book Sirlin has produced since, when someone (Penny Arcade, I think) threw a link to the Codex kickstarter. I promptly backed for 2 Deluxe sets. In the 7 months since, I’ve been lurking on the fantasystrike forums, I picked up Yomi (physical and Steam) and Pandante, and gave in and made a print & play set of Codex.

I feel like I’m terrible at Yomi (I’m very much at the button-masher phase of understanding, so Valerie is my jam) but haven’t really played many games, Pandante is way better than regular poker, the Fantasy Strike fighting game builds I’ve played have fun (although I’m a few behind), and Codex is amazing and is mostly why I haven’t played much Yomi.

I haven’t really played fighting games much since I was a kid, although DoA 3 got some time because it looked amazing. I like that FS has simple controls so I don’t have to practice execution mastery. Magic has long been the competitive game I’ve played most, as much because I like building flexible but interesting decks as anything else, which only magnifies the uneven playing field problem.

I feel like I don’t fit the Sirlin Games fan archetype: I’m not all that interested in mastering a given game before moving on to the next, I tend to avoid playing competitive games against people (especially ones I don’t know), and I love cooperative experiences more than about anything else. I come across as the opposite of the sort of competitor described who will “play to win.”

I like Sirlin’s designs because I like understanding how stuff works, especially concepts underlying entire systems. I like optimizing things and kind of can’t stop myself from trying. SIrlin’s focus on and success with well-balanced asymmetry is fascinating to me. It means there’s a lot for me to figure out, and each new approach (character/deck/whatever depending on the game) is a new bunch of data to try to figure out, and there probably isn’t anything game-breaking to discover that makes it stop being fun (for me or others). I may play for fun, but it’s not fun when games don’t hold up under scrutiny.

TLDR; Eric, Denver, mostly here for Codex/casual gaming.


Hey, I’m from North Carolina and I found out about Sirlin’s games through Playing to Win and his game balance articles. I mainly play Yomi right now, but I’ve gotten my local group into Codex and I’m pretty excited for the deluxe edition. I got to go up to GenCon and grill @Leontes with questions about what I’ve been doing wrong in Codex, which was basically everything, but he was super helpful. Hopefully I won’t lurk so hard on these forums.


Oh hey are you one of the guys in that four-man group? Which color did you play, I will remember what you look like based on that alone :smiley:



Finally made it to the new site!


Hi, I am Archon. I live in the Detroit area of Michigan. I am new to the site & all things Sirlin (although I have read a bunch of the articles on his site b/c they are fantastic). I am primarily interested in Codex (Deluxe backer). I had the pleasure to meet Madking, Leontes, & LK404 at GenCon (I stopped by to chat with them several times and brought several friends to check out the game). This is an awesome community you guys got going on here and I look forward to meeting more of you future Michigan Sirlin-game inspired hang outs.


Hello, friends! I’m Djister. :grinning:

I love Rook. :rook:

In fact, I love grapplers. :rook::midori::troq:

I’ve been playing Yomi since the beta, back in… 2009? Previously, I had been a Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix player. These days, I’m eagerly anticipating online play for Fantasy Strike, the fighting game.

Let’s respect each other whilst we punch each other in the face, in the spirit of true sportsmanship.


I play Blue. You should have heard our Purple-player’s dismay after you told me specifically how to deal with his play. Haha.


Woah an Australian! A rarirty


Hi ! I’m Baptiste and I’m from Paris, France ! As do Marto and Arg (very good Codex players) if you met them too : )

I love turn-based games, and I felt in love with Codex and Yomi ! I’m also fond of miniature games such as Blood Bowl and Hordes. My favourite videogames are Desktop Dungeons, Bloodborne and Guild Wars.
My favourite character is Quince, the charismatic leader and tyrant of Flagstone !
I love competition, and I’m always in for online Yomi tournaments !


“Blood Bowl”

Yisssss! I’m two games into a new season with a Chaos Pact team at the moment (0-1-1) and having a ball. Love BB so much!



I’m another American, living in Pittsburgh, PA (which is totally an east coast city despite being 400 miles from the ocean). I’m “GET OFF MY LAWN!!” years old, and I’ve played more than my fair share of Puzzle Strike, and written an absurd amount about it. I also occasionally play Pandante with some of my casual gamer buddies. I have my fingers crossed that I’ll enjoy Codex, but I have some concerns about the difficulty of teaching it to many of the members of my usual game groups.

If you’re local to Pgh, and free on Tues or Weds nights, poke me online and I’ll point you towards the local game nights I often attend.


Finally another french guy!


Sort of a shame, the games are so good, so I try to spread the word. :slight_smile:


Mate I tell all my friends down here in Tassie. The good ol’ link6616 was the one who introduced me to Sirlin’s works.