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I’m Jim, aka feanor, 38-year-old web developer from new jersey. I’m new to all this! A huge fan of Hearthstone, so when I came across the codex kickstarter it looked very cool. Just received my copy and tried to play it by myself to get a feel for it. Felt a little confused, but eager to play again with a real live opponent and figure it all out. I’ve been trying to design some of my own tabletop games, too


You don’t have to lie about the fighting game part. We’re all friends here.


Hi, I’m Nik (technik4 is an ancient handle) and I just returned to LA after living in Budapest for a year with my wife. I’m in-between jobs and plan to go back to school in January, but have worked at Trader Joes for nearly a decade after being a Russian Cryptologic linguist for the USAF for 4 years. I’ve been an avid fan of Sirlins work since Kongai hooked me many years ago. My favorite Sirlin game is currently Codex which I have been eagerly awaiting since I knew of its inception. I also own some Yomi decks, but find it to be one of the most frustrating games to lose at, so I only play sparingly. Puzzle Strike is awesome and I have a small group of buddies that play live sometimes. I also enjoy other card and strategy games (MtG, HS, Spectromancer, Astral Heroes, Civ 4/5, DotA, LoL). I play fighting games casually having started way back with SF2, skipping SF3, and finally settling on SF4 (haven’t tried SF5 yet). I’m very intrigued by the FSFG.

Anyway, I really love Sirlins dedication to fair and even playing-fields. I wish more developers were willing to make these types of games and in my gaming circles I like to promote them. Of course, the fantastic balance and deep strategic depth usually makes them an easy sell. I’m really looking to be more involved with the Sirlingames scene after I get Codex and hope to meet some of you in person! :slight_smile:


I’m Thomas (TheMartyr), a 34-yr-old English prof. in Baltimore, MD, USA. I’ve been a fan of Sirlin’s games since the early days of Kongai, which I still play every once in a while. I play Yomi online occasionally and I used to play a lot on the tabletop, though it is annoying to play now since the cards with errata don’t match the card back colors of the originals. I haven’t yet received Codex, though I am hoping for it to come soon.

I play quite a bit of Dota 2 and MtG, and I recently installed Windows on a second hard drive so I wouldn’t have to wait for Capcom to finish their Linux/SteamOS port of SFV (which I now suspect is not actually forthcoming). Most of the time I am not a competitive gamer. I enjoy winning through corner cases (milling in MtG, for example, or executing a 5-ultimate wombo-combo in Dota) or completing a self-imposed challenge more than just Spiking my way through everything. I understand Playing to Win is a bible for many people here, though, and when I play against you I will follow those laws. :wink:


I know it can be a bit of a pain, but I ended up sleeving all my Yomi cards for this reason. …also because I can’t help but sleeve all of my card games because I’m a worrywart and old MtG habits die hard. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


If you’re up for it, check out the Play-by-Forum section at this link! Codex works really well asynchronously. There’s definitely a learning curve, but it’s the sort of game that starts feeling really rewarding once you begin to learn how it works.


Thanks! Giving it a try.


Hello everyone!

I am StarSlayer from Münster, Germany. I am a huge Puzzle Strike fan, occasional Yomi player and I am currently looking forward to receiving my Codex shipment.

This is my first post on the new forum, but I hope that many, many more will follow. :wink:

Warning: The forum automatically assigned me my traditional gravatar, but I might change that in the future. Just saying, so that you are not confused when I suddenly look different.


Hi all, long time gamer from Montana, USA, always been interested in Sirlin’s theories on design and balance, bought Codex deluxe version via kickstarter and excited for it to show up.

I guess that’s all.


The stars shall align and the true form of Star Slayer shall make itself known to mortal minds, and all shall be crushed beneath the sight of this visage.


Hi! I’m Keith, a game developer and a long time huge fan (and repeated Kickstarter backer) of Sirlin Games (maybe some of you know me already from the old site*). Puzzle Strike is one of my top 3 games of all time, but all of Sirlin’s games show a kind of dedication to designing rigorous, strong systems that not a lot of designers show. Also these new forums look really classy.

While we have a lot of things we disagree on, there are some things we strongly agree on too. For example, I also think even playfields are critical, and I hate stuff like “selling people random packs of content”, and we both are most interested in competitive games.

But probably the most important thing that we agree on is that it’s OK for a game designer to have a philosophy of design and to have a strong point of view on things. That’s what I like most about Sirlin as a game designer, is that he is the rare breed of designer who is not afraid to state his opinion boldly.

But also, I just think his games are really great. Really hoping that Codex and Fantasy Strike are huge successes for the company! I will do what I can to help get the word out.

* By the way, I know I acted immature sometimes (often?) and stepped on some toes at the old site (maybe an understatement). If you were one of those people - honestly, I almost certainly agree with you about your complaint, and I apologize.


I’m Brian, a mid-30s engineer from MD. I wound up here thanks to backing Codex after some folks at the StimHack forums (for Android: Netrunner) talking about it. I’m also interested in learning Yomi if I can find someone to play it with regularly enough to really learn the strategies. I’m a casual gamer, mostly because I like variety too much to commit myself to a game at the level needed for competitive play.


Hi Im from minneapolis, mn, usa. i used to play as reganstar but i made this one for the new site. i played yomi casually a ton during 2015.


Hey everybody, I’m from northern Virginia and I got into Sirlin Games through Puzzle Strike. Played a little bit online but mostly just lurked on the forums. Now I’m a Codex backer waiting to come home to an absurdly sized box…


Hi! I’m Caphriel. I’m a cat. I’m a software engineer, blah blah Bay Area, blah. Most of you probably recognize my name and/or avatar. I played in Puzzle Strike tournaments for a long time. I played tournament Yomi once, I quite enjoy Codex and I’m super-excited about the fighting game.

If you don’t recognize my name and/or avatar, I’m a little surprised but also that’s cool because it means you’re someone I haven’t met yet! I try to be friendly and helpful.


HI GAIZ I’m lowtierhero (now deprecated, I’m :geiger: playing scum). I’m currently teaching English in Japan but would like to brush up on my software engineering again to get into that industry.

I play a lot of fighting games, MOBAs, most any game competitively and love game design. I’m super hyped for FSFG and have played Yomi since early v1. Codex and Puzzle Strike are neat too but I’m pretty bad at deck builders, oops.I first heard about Sirlin by playing a bit of HDR, and really admire his philosophies on game design! I hope one day if I design a game on those same principles.

Also I’m notoriously really bad about scheduling my YomI matches so if you get paired with me, I’m sorry! :sweat:


Hi I’m Juli I’m just here for the free drinks in the lounge area.


Hello everybody, I’m an avid board game hobbyist and boy what a hobby! I currently live in Connecticut, USA and am 32 years old. I discovered the joy of Puzzle Strike and learned about Sirlin Games three years ago at my friendly local game store. Soon after that I knew I had to get my own copy.

To date I own a deluxe edition of Pandante, Flash Duel 2nd edition, Puzzle Strike and Puzzle Strike Shadows 2nd edition, Yomi 2nd edition and am a proud backer of the deluxe set of Codex. I still can’t believe that news about Codex shipping out three months early! I’m so looking forward to playing that!

I love the fact that each game of Sirlin’s scratches a different itch and are unique in their own way.

If I had to pick a favorite one, I would probably choose Puzzle Strike, just because of the insane variability of truly insane combos you can pull off!

I’m looking forward to reading posts on this forum and getting to learn more about everyone here.


Hi all, I’m maskmanjoe. Long time lurker, first time poster. The new forums looks great, kudos the the Sirlin team. I’ve played Yomi since the first ed pnp days and loved the system a lot. Bought the pnp version of Codex and currently working through building the cards. And thats a lot of cards. Will hopefully be able to participate in discussions here while I print and cut :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m Akagi; I mostly play fighting games. I read “Playing to Win” when I first started and I liked Sirlin’s arguments and writing, so I have read his blog ever since. I’m particularly looking forward to Sirlin’s new fighting game, because I feel like most modern fighting games miss the point of what makes the genre interesting.