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I am CKR from Indiana. I have played Yomi for a couple of years. Also, I started one of the most successful leagues/tournaments (IYL) on the fantasy strike forums. Currently, my main interest in Yomi is to just play the game. I am sure that if you play in quick match or tournaments that you will run into me a couple of times.


Hi everyone. I made Yomi and Codex and the other games here. I hope you all enjoy them and get a mental workout playing them from time to time. I got a lot out of playing competitive games, so I wanted to make some for other people to enjoy. Some of the most gratifying parts of it all for me has been meeting so many of you at our Fantasy Strike Expo events each June in San Francisco. Looking forward to meeting more of you there next summer. :wink:

I also wrote a book (Playing to Win) and a bunch of articles and have done a bunch of podcasts that you can find on my personal site,

These days I’m developing our fighting game called Fantasy Strike. It’s a fun time for that right now because it keeps getting better and better every month. And of course it’s fun to see the characters in my tabletop games finally come to life in the real-time form I always imagined them in.

Thank you all for building up the community around our games. Competitive games are even more fun when we attract more players to play with.


Hey I’m mysticjuicer. I live near Toronto, Canada. I commentate Yomi games on YouTube and put together a short series of videos called Getting Good at Yomi to help beginner players improve at the game.

I mainly play Yomi because it’s the easiest to play online. I used to play Rook almost exclusively, but I got frustrated with him so now I’m trying out different characters and expanding my roster. It’s been a fun experience on the whole! I’ve recently tried my hand at running Yomi tournaments and look forward to doing more of that in the future. I hope to make the 19XX format a regular event!

I don’t get a lot of opportunity to play Codex, but I’m really enjoying learning that game! I am very slowly putting together ideas for a video series about the game and some beginner tips, so keep your eyes open for Getting Good at Codex! Eventually I hope I will be able to commentate Codex as well as Yomi on my channel!


Michiganders are a nomadic people, they can be found all over the world (wide web) =b

Guess I should step from the shadows. Been around since Kongai, and migrated over to Yomi. Played most competitive games at league/tourney level (CS, Dota, SC, SF, MTG, etc) Outside of gaming, I’m traveling the world (living in Taiwan atm ), learning languages, cycling, practicing yoga, bouldering, and enjoying life.


I am Kirandio, and I am in Houston, TX, USA. I played Yomi and Puzzle Strike a bit back in late 2010 when they were first testing the system, and last year in May bought Yomi when it came out on Steam. I also bought Puzzle Strike on Steam as well.


Hey Utralaw here currently living on the east side of Toronto, Canada. Started playing yomi about 7 months ago. i found out about Yomi from watching the “SuperBestFriends” on youtube and wanted to try out the game myself.
Soon discover the great community that was the Fantasy Strike forums and ever since playing in the IYL tournament was hooked. Looking to own a few more physical copy of sirlins games but really looking forward to Fantasy Strike: The fighting game.

(And yes the missing L is on purpose)




Oh, so that’s what you’re calling it. Hm.


Hey guys it’s me, Checkmate Salter.

I’m a Rook main now, since Juicer’s face-heel turn.

I’m super hype for Codex to arrive.


Hello, im old man CWheezy.

I’ve been around since yomi was played on lackey and the intro video for the online client was thelos mirror match experience.

I used to play yomi, but I retired years ago. I am a fighting gamer at heart with no local scene. I can’t wait to jump on fsfg when netcode comes out!

I hope lofobal and sage post, they are I think the oldest fogeys around



I’m from the UK midlands and mostly play Puzzle Strike with a side of Flash Duel, but I don’t play online much anymore. Also, huge board game nerd


Hi new forums!

I’m FraaOrolo. I play Yomi primarily but I’ve played a couple games of Codex while it was in development and a couple games of Fantasy Strike because I was previously privileged with living with someone who is a much bigger fan of Sirlin’s games than I.

I’m about to move to Pittsburgh PA, USA but I used to be one of the central OH folks.


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Ahoy, friends. I’m Josh, age 27, currently living about 20 mins outside of Denver, CO. My introduction to Sirlin Games was through Yomi but I quickly got into the rest of the collection and enjoy all of the games (I’ve been lurking/playing online at the old website for about five years). I’ve played a ton of Codex since it was available on the Patreon; it’s my favorite game but the one I am the worst at.

I’ve also been deejaying for 6 years (but who isn’t a DJ nowadays) and split most of my time doing that or playing boardgames. My other interests include stand-up comedy (favorites: Dave Attell/Patrice O’Neal), movies, and podcasts (The Joe Rogan Experience and “Your Mom’s House” are my favorite).

Pretty sure I’ll be opening up a Steam account soon so hopefully see you all there!


I lurk around and occasionally play topdeck pilebunkers.


Hi new forum. I’m Attilian.

I found Sirlin’s blog many years ago and eventually found Yomi. It’s my favourite game, and has been for at least a year now. I am only an okay player, but work on improving bit by bit.

I’m Irish and in my mid 30s. That’s it!


Hi folks,

I’m hamvvar from Canada.

I do art and other stuff. I enjoy playing many games but Yomi takes most of my online and irl gaming-time; in no small part due to the diverse, vibrant community that has shared in the game.


its me im zem


I’m MrGPhantome. I help Sirlin do game stuff and podcast stuff and other stuff. I will post sometimes to rarely. I’m absolutely terrible at Sirlin’s Card games, but I’m pretty good at fighting games.


I’m qubitsu from the San Francisco Bay Area, and I play a mix of tabletop games and multiplayer video games. I’ve been a huge fan of Sirlin’s game design ideas since I stumbled upon them around 2010, and I bought the full, first edition release of Yomi in 2011. I’m a fan of Puzzle Strike (chips > cards!) and have been anticipating Codex for years now; can’t wait for the set to arrive in the mail.

I became a parent at the beginning of this year and so my gaming has taken a backseat lately to this new adventure. But it’s made me more selective about my hobby, and I can still carve out time to play.

Nice to meet you all on these updated forums!