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Great Grappler Showdown [Gauging Interest]


So, I’ve been toying with the idea of hosting a single day tournament, and I wanted to gauge whether people would be interested in the event if I were to go through with it.

Great Grappler Showdown

Three grapplers enter… Three grapplers also leave?
This would single-day conquest-style* tournament where every person’s three character stable is :chibimidori:, :chibirook:, and :chibitroq:.

*Conquest-style means that each player has a “stable” of characters to choose from. In each set, once you win with a given character, you can no longer use that character for the rest of the set. You win the set once you have won a game with each character in your stable.


  • Only Midori, Rook, and Troq may be played
  • First to 3
  • Single Elim (Seems necessary for a one day tourney?)
  • Double Blind pick each round but you cannot select a character you have already won a game with in the set
  • Fast Timer
  • Double KO means you replay MU

Thoughts? I’m open to changing any of the specifics
I’m also curious to know what times are considered EU-friendly times to hold a day tourney.

  • Would play in tourney as described
  • Would play in tourney if some rule changes were made
  • Would not play in tourney

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Why Midori over Zane?


You’re right; I should have only included the TRUE grapplers:

:zane: and :gwen:


:valerie: triggered


plz, in organizing this make it EU friendly!


Indeed. I love grappler vs grappler match ups :smiley:


i will mono rook. U are all warned!


You’ve just admitted to losing every match 0-3 :smiley:


Ok, fine, i will kill ya all with style! :chibidragon:


Have not been in a yomi tournament in forever I need this now :tired_face:


All right! Response has been really positive, so I’m definitely going to go through with it! Just gotta figure out a good date. Official tournament post coming soon!


Official tournament thread is up!