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Feeling a little green & need help!

I am going to need my cards for this anyway. I don’t have them memorized enough to play just from a spreadsheet.

If you just need a reference, you can use the database. It has both images and transcriptions of every card.

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An important thing to remember is that the game is balanced around you having 3 specs and you can use any of them. You do not have to only use the balance spells with the balance Tech 2/3 units. In fact because you can use any of the spells, most specs spells point to a different direction/strategy to their Tech 2 units (and the tech 2/3 units generally allow 2/3 ways of playing a spec). So for Balance for example, I can either go with a denial approach, using large heros defending with Moments Peace to get a quick Tech 3/Ulted Midori online, I can go for a Flying death ball with Wandering Mimic, Max Midori and Fairie Dragons. I can go for super quick tech 2 rush with Circle of Life or even an Big unit smash down with Dothram Horselords. Each can play to their own strength and you can transition between stratagies if it doesn’t work against your opponents play. Just remember that some of these strats like playing with other Specs Heros Spell or units, but also that each spec is not a single tool with only one strength.


I will read over it and was thinking the same thing about printing. I love how it looks but for printing I think just having a plain white background would be best.

Someone on BGG also requested a white-background copy of the manual for printing. I’m out on a long road trip right now. I’ll probably post a plain version of the manual next weekend.


What do you think about adding a section in the back for printable quick reference sheets?

There’s a quick reference on the last page of the manual now. I’m not sure that I’d add hints for tracking all of the small actions on your turn — I think you can usually track those things if you’ve got a decent reference sheet for the game.


I’d also recommend The Autocard Anywhere browser extension to help with this. Enable it on this domain, and it will allow you to mouse over any card and look it up.

I’m happy to play some games with you or answer any questions as are many others around here (as you’ve already seen), PM or start a thread for a game anytime!

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This has been a long month. Finally got home and uploaded that plain-white-background version of the manual.