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There is no reason to twist things around so wildly just for flavor. When an existing rule works to get the desired behavior, don’t make up a new rule.

I am also amused that first we tried to give quince kidnapping, and now we are trying to give quince frenzy… if only there was a hero for that…


Yeah, but I hate goblins and love propagandists. :wink:


Now that you mention it, a spell that gives all your units “Dies: :target: deal 1 damage to [something]” would be pretty good with Dreamscape…


Truth is out for blood!


If you look to the Past, you’ll see Blood is the one constant Truth

Think about it


This is a relatively new addition, right? Seems pretty strong, especially when Regular-sized Rhino now costs the same and is so much smaller.


Obviously Bashing should feel bad for existing.


Revision of bashing Tech II? Or just make CoL summon up to 5 cost without the colour restriction?

With Troq getting Overpower retooling harvest reaper might be in order anyway. Would 3 cost regular sized rhino be broken?


Normally -
regular-sized rhinoceros 4g 5/6
Oversized Rhinoceros 5g 7/8

no, I think 3g for the regular sized one is probably fine. Most Tech 2s have abilities that set them above and beyond at 4g and 5g cost. Admittedly, these stats are very high for their cost, but its hard to justify when other similar costs are almost the same stats and impressive abilities.