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Dwindling player base?


Friday Night Fights show up help build this,get people back we can all sAY it’s dead do nothing or we can hype up Friday night fights show there’s an active community i’m reaching out for help.

It’s up to all of us to show up and if nobody does nothing then we all to blame.
The olive branch has been extended here is one way to show this community is active,open for ideas but Friday Night Fights is a good start.
It doesn’t need to be my time zone anybody can start.


The meta isn’t just “who’s in what tier?” It extends to individual matchups as well.


JohnnyD how long have you been playing anyway? For context.


@mysticjuicer has him recorded in Lum’s Lucky Lottery in August of 2015.


I’m pretty sure Midori has moved up in that time. Also I’m not talking massive changes. I’m mostly talking about development of little nuances over time.


Agreed. I distinctly remember a time when Midori was considered almost a joke character - though Leontes and ClanNatioy were always held in high regard in terms of their skill and play. Part of that may be due to the fact that the player landscape (and thus the most popular characters to see play) has shifted quite a bit since two years ago. Out of DeGrey, Zane, Troq, and Geiger only Troq has continued to see the same levels of popularity since the time I started playing.


I joined after or right when that happened.

even if people have success with a low tier (kirandio Jaina) they’re still low tier. Even though Leontes had tons of success with Midori hes still low tier. The community meta will always be different from the real meta simply because a majority of this community isnt play to win.

IMO the game has been solved for awhile, just the “best” players left.


I’m not saying you’re wrong at all. I remember in the wishlist thread we all had our own opinions on matchups, etc. There are still matchup shifts in the game, I just think the established top tier and the established bottom tier are well… established right now.

And I understand why a lot of the “best” players left. Between forum drama and the state of the game. Dealing with the RPS between Zane, Troq, and Geiger in the IYL before they all left was pretty stale from a spectator perspective.


The game may not have changed, but the variety of tournaments has definitely been inventive. The mass exodus was mainly due to the forum switch. It reminded me of when the union got locked out at a place I worked. The old timers looked at the situation as the nudge they needed to walk out the door and never come back.

As for myself, I love the game and probably always will. There is no card game that comes close to what we have here. Great game.


I feel the same way


I don’t think anyone else has mentioned it, but I think another big contributor to the drop-off was actually the death of the browser client. In the old days, I used to hang out in the browser client just to chit-chat with people, and it was common for me to jump in last-minute on one-day tournaments or play some random casuals just because I was around.

(It should be noted that the end of the Unity web player is not really anyone’s fault.)


That makes sense