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Crazy Map King-of-the-Hill


Join [Feral]/Discipline/Law at the Hard Times Mill.


Attack Shadow_Night_Black!

Shadow racks up yet another win, bringing his VP total to 9!

(I think Mono Purple is extremely strong in general, when expertly played, but I really enjoy seeing the tricks and combos even if they’re crushing me.)


Alright, I shall rejoin once more.

[Necromancy]/Truth/Present at Bloodbowl.

I am feeling player 2 purple to be a very frustrating opponent, how about you?


When I joined this forum just over a year ago, I thought I would start on mono-purple to learn and then move on to move complex codex when I was better… Well a year later, I’m still playing mono-purple as no other codex I’ve played quite fits me as well, and apparently playing mono-purple all the time means I’m quite good at it now :stuck_out_tongue: Still got some strats I’ve theorized but not managed to work yet too!

Also I’ve quite enjoyed always being second, it is a nice change (and I think Purple is the only mono colour that likes to go second???)


Yea, all the other monocolors take advantage of player 1 decently well, purple almost needs P2 because everything is so expensive.

Green also kinda likes P2, but it can still work as player 1. Black Blue and White all like P1. Red just aims to smash face, I doubt it matters from which side.


Join [Discipline]/Balance/Peace at Flagstone Mines.


Attack Shadow_Night_Black.

Nekoatl finally brings an end to Shadow’s impressive reign, and now has 6 VP!


Attack Nekoatl, the new King, to dethrone him!

Zhavier [Necromancy]/Truth/Present vs Nekoatl [Discipline]/Balance/Peace at Flagstone Mines.

Another one bites the dust. Nekoatl to 7 vp


Ok, gonna rejoin, once more…

Necromancy/Truth/Growth, Bloodbowl


Attack Nekoatl

Zhavier [Necromancy]/Truth/Growth vs Nekoatl [Discipline]/Balance/Peace at Flagstone Mines.

Victory, Zhavier goes to 5 VP.


Join Mono Purple at Daggerfall Prison Camp.


Need more people rushing this hill :smiley:


Attack zhavier.

zhavier wins and how has 6 VP.


Join [Necromancy]/Discipline/Finesse at No Rush 15 Minutes.


Attack zhavier.

As expected, zhavier successfully defends and is now up to 7 VP with the powerful build of [Necromancy]/Growth/Truth in the Bloodbowl.