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Hi @zhavier!

I just realized that the rulebooks are linked from the Rules Questions thread, but not from the Codex Resources thread, and they should probably be the very first resource.

I also realized that the tips for keeping track of things in Codex thread wasn’t in the resources list, either. Since there’s a section for Forum/Online-specific Resources, maybe this could go in a section for In Real Life/Offline-specific Resources?

Thanks for all your help, and no rush if things are busy. (:

And I just realized the post is a wiki, so I’ll try to update it myself? Except when I try, I get a server error. Except it seems to have gone through anyway? Okay! And thanks again for setting this up, in case you don’t hear it often enough.


Thanks for contributing! I think the error is more of a warning because of links that are posted in both the top post and in replies to this thread.

Casual: Eijolend vs. Way

Is there a place to get the rulebook besides Google Drive or DropBox? I’m in China and both are blocked. I’ve been trying to find a copy for about a month now, since I got the PnP to try the game out.


If you can identify a service that isnt blocked, perhaps we can use that. Otherwise maybe there is a way to send the file directly? Additionally, Tor Browser might circumvent the block, but I dunno.


I’ve hosted these at and for now.


Thank you so much! That worked! I’m so excited to try it out :blush:


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@Leontes Can you repin this thread as well?

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